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Electric Powered Core Drilling Machine

Electric Powered Core Drilling Machine offers flexibility to adapt to a full range of drilling jobs in addition to pavement coring. The 10" (254mm) wide base is a vacuum pad anchor that grips pavement or floors solidly. The column rotates through 180? radial arc to drill at end or sides of base. Addition of an Angle Drilling Attachment also allows column to tilt up to 45? from vertical. Motor and carriage are removed/attached without changing drill location for ease in snapping cores, adding extension rods. The super-duty two-speed (450/900 rpm) 3.5-hp motor cuts drilling time compared to lower powered machines. Unit includes oilless vacuum pump, filter, hose, and quick connections.
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  • Gasoline Powered Core Drilling Machine

    Gasoline powered diamond core drilling machines feature easy one man set up and use. Coring capacities up to 8" (203 mm) diameter are standard. Inquire for machines with up to 16" (406 mm) capacity. Also inquire for pneumatically or hydraulically powered units. Diamond coring bits must be ordered separately. Quick setup, fast drilling, and low bit wear combine to give low cost per core.
    Gasoline units offer minimal set up time and faster drilling. They also allow the operator to operate independently of outside power supplies.
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  • Mobile Coring Rig

    The Core-Mobile concrete/asphalt mobile coring rig includes a gasoline-powered, electric start core drilling machine and heavy-gauge 200-gal. (757 liter) fiberglass water tank with battery-driven pump, all mounted on a sturdy 2-wheel trailer. The system is complete and ready for a full day’s field work taking cores up to 16" (406mm) in diameter. The 13-hp, 4-cycle core drill has 21" (533mm) of carriage travel.
    The rig has an integral water tank and pump to provide bit cooling and flushing of chips. The 84" (2.1m) wide by 130" (3.3m) long trailer has inertia-activated hydraulic brakes, tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, and 195R15 tires. The rugged welded steel tube frame gives road stability and plenty of deck space for operator, tools, bits, and accessories. No hydraulic connection to towing vehicle is needed. The rig is shipped fully assembled by motor freight. Order drill bits and expander sets as described separately.
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  • Diamond Coring Bits

    Diamond coring bits are available in either "Open-Head" style, which requires use of listed Expander Sets to attach core barrels to the drill head, or "Closed-Head" style. Open-head bits are slightly less expensive and the expander sets may be reused many times as the barrels wear out. Closed-head style quickly attaches directly to machine and has no extra parts to lose.
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  • CoreSnap Core Removal Tool

    The CoreSnap, allows you to remove a drilled sample from a roadbed at or below the tackline without prying or drilling completely through the old roadbed. Available in 4- or 6-inch models, the CoreSnap works quite simply. Place the CoreSnap so it seats down over a normally cut core and tighten the binding bolt with a 1/2" drive socket/ratchet. Then, a quick lateral motion of the handle breaks the core sample away from the older mat beneath, allowing the core to be removed easily. It's a snap! For years, coring asphalt, required drilling the core to be sampled by drilling completely through the existing roadbed into the gravel underbed and trimming off the top to be tested.
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