Asphalt Testing Water Baths
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Large Capacity Water Bath

This new water bath is ideal for the larger samples used in Superpave and Marshall test applications. It features a microprocessor-based digital controller with a built-in magnetic circulator for precise temperature control throughout the range from ambient to 180F (82C) at an accuracy of 1% of input span. All exposed parts are stainless steel and the front control panel is designed for water and corrosion resistance.
  • Forney LA-2136    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Humboldt H-1382    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Digital Circulating Water Bath

    Circulating Baths are supplied with heating only or with heating and cooling capabilities to serve many lab applications. They offer the versatility of bath work areas plus ability to also circulate via external lines to heat or cool other lab apparatus. Chillers, on the other hand, are for external cooling circulation only and operate in a narrower temperature range with less precise temperature stability. Chillers often replace wasteful tap water condensers and rotary evaporators. All units with refrigeration systems are CFC-free.
  • Gilson MA-69    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Economy Water Bath

    Economy Water Bath Low-cost alternative water bath for heating specimens holds eight standard 4" stability molds. Supporting shelf above the bottom allows water circulation around specimens. Automatic thermostatic control with a range of 150 to 500F (65 to 160C). I.D.11-1/2 x19-1/2x8 (293x 497x204mm) deep.
  • Humboldt H-1380    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Forney LA-2133    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Constant Temperature Viscosity Bath

    Constant Temperature Viscosity Baths for testing asphalt. Although designed for use with capillary viscometers, the baths have solid-state circuitry and are ideal for general laboratory work requiring precise temperature control. All use 12x12" (305x305mm) DxH Pyrex bath jars for easy visibility. They have selectable temperature presets and a variable control to set temperature at any point within their ranges. A fine-tuner adjusts temperatures precisely within hundredths of a degree. A stainless steel-encased thermistor in the baths senses temperature. Bath Covers have seven 2" (51mm) dia. holes for viscometers and two 3/8" (10mm) holes for ASTM thermometers. A white-coated stainless-steel baffle plate aids viewing of viscometers. Lighting is by fluorescent lamps. The circuitry is in base platform drawer on ball-bearing glides for easy access.
  • Gilson PT-73    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Forney LA-2550    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Humboldt HR-1720    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • General Purpose Aquabath

    Uniquely designed heating plate on the underside of working chamber for maximum heat transfer to bath. Any Aquabath can become a boiling bath by using the Lexan gable cover included free of charge. Adjustable hydraulic thermostat for temperature control. Stainless steel diffuser plate provides level surface for glassware. Removal of diffuser plate increases bath depth.
  • Barnstead 18007    Get Pricing       Get Information


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