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  • Gilson BO-350E Superpave Heavy-Duty Oven

    The Gilson BO-350E Superpave Heavy-Duty Oven meets requirements for laboratory testing of Superpave mix designs and is much more affordable than competitive models. Dual digital display, PID controller, and superior chamber design result in consistent overall temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). Two large, heavy-duty shelves are included and can handle up to 80lb each, perfect for gyratory molds and hot-mix asphalt samples.
    Gilson BO-350E Superpave Oven
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  • Humboldt H-30140 Series Bench Ovens

    The Humboldt H-30140 Series and Test Mark CA-1440 Series Digital Controlled Bench Ovens have been developed primarily for the industrial lab. This series provides large bench or portable capacity. Although there are several different models and styles, all bench series ovens offer these standard features: fan-forced air circulation, aluminized interiors, Incoloy sheathed heating elements, 6-lb high-density mineral wool insulation, gasketed doors, adjustable 80-lb capacity shelves, high/low heat switch and rapid run-up and recovery times.
    Humboldt H-30140 Series Bench Oven
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    Test Mark CA-1440 Series Bench Oven
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  • Humboldt H-32300 Model Large Capacity Bench Oven

    The Humboldt H-32300 Model Large Capacity Bench Ovenovens feature a Digital, Microprocessor-based indicating, thermocouple-actuated temperature controller with a 1/3 HP motor with a 400 CFM blower.These economical, large-capacity, bench ovens are designed to handle a wide variety of applications, which require a maximum temperature of 400°F (204°C) with a ±0.5% control accuracy and ±8°F (4°C) uniformity for efficient drying of large samples.
    Humboldt H-32300 Model Bench Oven
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  • Forney LA-0886-77 High Temperature Oven

    Forney LA-0886-77 High Temperature Forced Air Oven with 6.6 cu ft capacity, hydraulic thermostat, 550°F maximum temperature and ±3.5°C uniformity. The hydraulic thermostat has a high/low switch to control heating and recovery rates. Incoloy-sheathed heating elements have low watt density and 7/16 inch diameter. Supplied with two standard shelves; oven has 11 shelf capacity with 80lb (36kg) capacity adjustable on 1.5 inch centers.
    Forney LA-0886-77 Bench Oven
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  • UTEST UTD Series Laboratory Ovens

    UTEST UTD Series Laboratory Ovens have been designed for drying asphalt, soil, rock, concrete, aggregate or similar materials. 50, 120, 250, 500 and 750 liter capacity models are available. Temperature range is from ambient to 200°C. The interior is manufactured from stainless steel and the exterior is robustly constructed from sheet steel finished in powder coated paint.
    UTEST UTD-1295 50 L Laboratory Oven
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    UTEST UTD-1300 120 L Laboratory Oven
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    UTEST UTD-1305 250 Laboratory Oven
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    UTEST UTD-1310-C 500 L Laboratory Oven
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    UTEST UTD-1315-C 700 L Laboratory Oven
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