Deflection, Smoothness, Shear and Stiffness Testing
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Widely used as the acceptance/rejection tool for measuring road pavement smoothness. Computerized instrument has easy to mount one piece shock mounted industrial computer for fast setup, turn around wheels for turning in one lane of pavement, parking brake, solid state data storage device for storage of 52 miles of data per day, audible must-grind alert, ASTM E 1274 conforming control software, high speed thermal printer, PC compatible RS232C serial port and cable for downloading data and upgrading control software. Additional features include; smooth running Honda EX650 generator, sealed aluminum housing for vertical measurement sensor, two pointers for accurate wheel path measurements, and machined aluminum calibration kit. Frame is constructed from 6061-T6 high strength aluminum tubing. All ferrous material are zinc plated or powder coated for corrosion resistance. Two-year limited warranty.
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  • Ames Profilograph

    It has been proven that smooth pavements last longer. Profile Index, as measured by the California Profilograph, is a widely used method for measurement and acceptance of pavement smoothness. Used as a rolling straight edge, a frame 25 ft. (7.6m) in length is supported by 6 averaging wheels at either end. A smoothness profile is recorded from vertical movement of a measuring wheel attached to the midpoint of the frame.
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  • Benkelman Beam

    Used to measure the deflection of a flexible pavement under moving wheel loads. In use, the probe is placed between the tires of a test vehicle, and deflection is measured as the vehicle passes over the test area to beyond the end of the probe beam. The reference beam is equipped with a leveling adjustment to zero the dial indicator. A switchable battery operated vibrator serves as a personnel alert and assures free movement of beam parts during measurements. Unit comes with chrome plated 3-piece beam, 20mm x 0.01mm dial indicator and four D-cell batteries for the vibrator. Order optional carrying case separately.
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  • Bending Beam Rheometer

    Rheology of asphalt binder is directly related to pavement performance. The Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR) is used to measure low-temperature (ambient to -36C) flexural creep stiffness. During testing, a constant load (0-450g) is applied to the center of a small asphalt beam for a selected duration. Deflection of center-point of the beam is measured continuously within 0.155m and monitored by computer. Test parameters are input via computer, which also displays and prints a plot of load vs. deflection and calculates stiffness at the lowest temperature anticipated. Test takes about 6 minutes. Thermoelectric model uses modern Peltier technology to cool the bath via surrounding solid state cooling modules to within 0.03C. An adjustable-speed magnetic stirrer ensures uniform temperature.
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  • Asphalt Slope Indicator

    Checking for degree of slope in pavement cross sections has traditionally used either flimsy, homemade wooden slope boards or expensive surveying instruments with trained operators. Now, the HM-590 EZ Slope allows fast, accurate determinations of slope with an inexpensive, compact and easy to operate gauge. Designed for use on paving projects, EZ Slope is useful for any application requiring accurate slope measurements.
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  • Dynamic Shear Rheometer

    Dynamic shear rheometers have the capability of measuring an asphalt binders mechanical properties, such as modulus (stiffness), viscosity (slow or resistance to flow) and elasticity (ability to recover when deformed) at whatever temperature and traffic loading a roadway is subjected to. By determining the complex shear modulus and phase angle, the dynamic shear rheometer can characterize the viscous and elastic behavior of asphalt binders. The DSR is capable of testing RTFO and PAV aged binders as well as un-aged samples. The DSR test stations include all required software and hardware to perform the Performance Grade Binder Specification evaluation as outlined by SHRP, AASHTO and ASTM. Bohlin DSR II comes in two models with either Mechanical or Air Bearings.
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