Asphalt Pressure Aging Vessels (PAV)
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Pressure Aging Vessel

The PAV is designed to simulate in-service aging of asphalt binders. The system exposes binder, aged in the RTFO to high pressure and temperature for 20 hours. During the aging period, the temperature and pressure are maintained at +/-0.3°C and +/-0.03 MPa, exceeding ASTM and AASHTO requirements. Control system fully automates start-up and shut-down and stores temperature and pressure test data for downloading to a PC. Pressure vessel is designed for operation at up to 150°C and 2.45Mpa. Unit comes with 10 stainless steel pans, air regulator with quick disconnect, handle for pan rack, spare O-ring and exhaust control.
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  • Vacuum Degassing Oven

    Pending additions to current AASHTO and ASTM standard practices for testing in the Pressure Aging Vessel will make degassing of PAV-aged asphalt samples mandatory. Compact tabletop units are fully automated and have a self-contained vacuum source. A simple 3-button control panel includes “Preheat”, ”Start Process”, and “Stop” buttons in addition to the power switch. Once the oven is preheated and samples have been loaded, pressing the “Start Process” button initiates a 10-minute re-heating cycle followed by a 30-minute cycle of vacuum with heat. An alarm sounds before vacuum is started. Users may cycle vacuum on and off at the start of the 30-minute vacuum cycle if needed to reduce excessive foaming. Control's parameters are user programmable from ambient to 200°C (392°F) and 0 to 60 minutes. Oven is available in customer’s choice of air-powered or electrically-powered vacuum system. Both systems are built-in and provide quick chamber evacuation to the required 15kPa (25.5 in Hg). The oven may also be used as a conventional vacuum oven for other materials.
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  • Rolling Thin Film Oven

    The rolling thin film oven is used to measure the effect of heat and air on a moving film of semi-solid asphaltic materials. The results of this treatment are determined from measurements of the asphalt properties before and after the test. Through the use of a program-mable temperature controller and 4-digit digital display system, the oven accurately maintains the specified test temperature of 163°C. The oven includes a 200 to 14,000 ml/min flow meter, 0 to 100 psi air pressure gauge, rotating test rack and eight glass specimen jars. Overall dimensions 40Wx 36H x 26”D (1016x3292x660mm). Meets ASTM D2872, AASHTO T240 and California test method 346. A clean, dry compressed air source is required for oven operation.
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  • Revolving Thin Film Oven

    Revolving Oven used to conduct “thin film” tests determines effect of heat and air on a film of semisolid asphaltic materials when heated to 163°C±1°C. Temperature range to 40°C to 260°C (up to 500°F). Revolving 13-1/2" (342mm) dia. shelf holds four 5-1/2" (140mm) H-1540 or H-1541 pans or nine 2.17" (55mm) dia. H-1350 sample cups. Has externally mounted 5 RPM induction motor without brushes, non-exposed heaters clamped between double walls, heavy-gauge steel insulated door and an 11x11" (27.9x27.9cm) double-paned window. Features interior light with separate switch, power switch, three-wire cord and H-2610.13C. ASTM loss-on heat thermometer. Inside dimensions: 19x18x15" (48x46x38cm). Overall dimensions: 27x26x39" (68x66x99cm). Order test pans and sample cups separately. Meets ASTM D1754, D6; AASHTO T179, T47.
  • Humboldt H-30056    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson MO-20    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • PAV Vacuum Degassing Oven

    Designed to perform the vacuum degassing of PAV(Pressure Aging Vessel) -aged asphalt binder samples. Silicone door gasket and positive latch door maintain seal at all vacuum levels. Exclusive polycarbonate safety shield protects door glass. Two removable aluminum shelves included standard. 3in of glass wool insulation prevents heat loss from working chamber. Top mounted independent evacuation and venting vacuum fittings. Fittings take ¼in (6mm) ID tubing. Vacuum level displayed on gauges in inches of mercury. Maximum temperature 220°C (428°F).
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  • Thermolyne 3606PAV    Get Pricing       Get Information


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