Asphalt Viscosity Testing
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Asphalt Viscosimeter Float Test Set

Asphalt Viscosimeter Float Test Set used to test flow behavior or consistency of certain bituminous materials and tar products via a float test. Includes calibrated aluminum float and three brass collars. Also available as components.
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  • Zeitfuchs Cross-Arm Viscometer

    These viscometers measure kinematic viscosity of bitumens and road oils at 140°F (60°C) and asphalt cements at 275°F (135°C). Precision is ±0.2%. Using only a 1-3ml charge, the viscometer can be filled and cleaned while immersed in a constant temperature bath.
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  • Vacuum Regulator

    Solid-state mercury-free digital regulators are designed for precise measurement and control for a range of laboratory vacuum applications. They are preset to control at 300mm below atmospheric pressure as needed for viscous asphalt testing with Asphalt Institute, Cannon-Manning, and Modified Koppers vacuum viscometers.
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  • Constant Temperature Viscosity Bath

    Constant Temperature Viscosity Baths for testing asphalt. Although designed for use with capillary viscometers, the baths have solid-state circuitry and are ideal for general laboratory work requiring precise temperature control. All use 12x12" (305x305mm) DxH Pyrex bath jars for easy visibility. They have selectable temperature presets and a variable control to set temperature at any point within their ranges. A fine-tuner adjusts temperatures precisely within hundredths of a degree. A stainless steel-encased thermistor in the baths senses temperature. Bath Covers have seven 2" (51mm) dia. holes for viscometers and two 3/8" (10mm) holes for ASTM thermometers. A white-coated stainless-steel baffle plate aids viewing of viscometers. Lighting is by fluorescent lamps. The circuitry is in base platform drawer on ball-bearing glides for easy access.
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  • Sayboldt Viscometer Bath

    Sayboldt Viscometer Bath is used to determine the Sayboldt Viscosity of petroleum liquids at specified temperatures from ambient to 464°F (240°C). Microprocessor controls maintain ±0.05°F (±0.03°C) temperature uniformity throughout operating range. PID control provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot, and the bath is protected by an overtemperature control that interrupts power if bath temperature exceeds a programmed set point. Setpoint temperature values are displayed in °F/°C format. Communications software (RS-232, etc.) ramp-to-set and other enhanced features are available as options. Circulate tap water or refrigerated coolant through the built-in cooling coil for operation at near-ambient temperatures. The Viscometer is constructed of a enameled steel cabinet with leveling feet and sliding draft shields. Insulated stainless steel bath has 3-gal. (11.4 liter) capacity. Built-in overflow pipe and drain valve simplify filling to required level. Backlighting in the receiving flask area provides excellent visibility. Chemical-resistant top plate insulates and removes easily for cleaning.
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  • Brookfield Rotational Viscometer

    The rotational viscometer senses torque required to rotate a spindle at constant speed while immersed in the sample fluid. Dynamic viscosity is proportional to this measured torque. The rotational method gives a rapid and reproducible measurement of high temperature viscosity which correlates closely with the time-consuming AASHTO T201 glass capillary viscometer method. Asphalt binder characteristics are measured for ability to be pumped at mixing and compaction temperatures. Temperature/viscosity charts can be developed to estimate mixing and compaction temperatures for use in hot mix design.
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  • Saybolt Viscosimeter

    The Saybolt Viscosimeter fratures solid state temperature controller with LED display with three heaters for maintaining temperature—75 watts continuous, 75 watts controlled by main switch, 660 watts for quick heat Externally mounted induction motor drives stainless steel propeller stirrer for thorough circulation of oil without excessive agitation. •Copper cooling coil can be used when operating conditions approach ambient to achieve below-ambient conditions. Each unit comes with a Sayboldt viscosity tube cleaner, bulb pipette to adjust sample level, corks with pull chains and oil strainer. •Durable stainless steel bath is welded securely to stainless steel draft shield and base.
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