Marshall Compaction and Load Frames
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Marshall Automatic Mechanical Compactor

Marshall Automatic Mechanical Compactor is widely used for design and control of bituminous paving mixtures. The resistance to plastic flow of compacted cylindrical specimens is measured in terms of maximum load before fracture occurs. Standard 4" (102mm) diameter specimens are suitable for up to 1" (25.4mm) maximum aggregate size. Compactors can also be equiped to handle 6" (152mm) diameter specimens utilizing up to 1-1/2" (38.1mm) aggregates. Four inch specimens may be compacted with a 10 lb (4.54kg) hammer having 3-7/8" (98mm) circular face and 18" (457mm) free fall. The Compactor for 6" specimens is similar to standard 4" models except that mechanical parts are heavier duty, and the hammer is 22.5 lb (10.2kg) with a face diameter of 5-7/8" (149mm). Models can compact either 4" or 6" specimens merely by using the second hammer size and mold size. Molds are easily inserted and removed via a cam-action lever.
  • Humboldt H-1364R    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Forney LA-2113    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson MS-5 a    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Manual Marshall Compactors

    Manual Marshall Compactors are similar to mechanical versions except they have a special guide to hold the handle of the hammer perpendicular to the base of the mold assembly during compaction. Overall dimensions of manual sets are 12x12x64" (305x305x1626mm). Manual compaction sets include MSA-110 Hammer Assembly, MSA-100 Compaction Mold assembly, and Mold Holder.
  • Forney LA-2111    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Humboldt HR-1345    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson MS-10    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Spare Compaction Hammer

    Spare Hammer assembly promotes operation, allows preheating of foot and acts as a stand-by replacement. Includes locator guide, redesigned rod release mechanism assembled with screws to avoid broken welds, weight and foot.
  • Forny LA-2112 Spare 4" hammer for Marshall compactors.
  • Forny LA-2114 Spare 4" hammer for Marshall compactors.
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  • Humboldt H-1360A Spare 4" tapered hammer for rotating compactors.
  • Humboldt H-1360AF Spare 4" flat hammer for non-rotating compactors.
  • Humboldt H-1360B Spare 6" tapered hammer for rotating compactors.
  • Humboldt H-1360BF Spare 6" flat hammer for non-rotating compactors.
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  • Gilson MSA-114 Spare 4" hammer for Marshall compactors.
  • Gilson MSA-113 Spare 6" hammer for Marshall compactors.
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    Marshall Stability Load Frame

    Marshall Stability Load Frame, is a state-of-the-art apparatus specifically designed for Marshall and TSR testing. These tests can be used to evaluate the relative quality of materials, as well as generate input for pavement design or pavement evaluation and analysis. The microprocessor-based system incorporates a 16-BIT Analog to Digital (AtoD) converter with chart recorder output and RS232 computer connection capabilities. The system automatically tests and records Marshall stability and plastic flow of Bituminous mixture on one chart with an accuracy to less than 1 percent over the total range, eliminating operator error in dial readings and manual recording of data.
    Meets ASTM D5581, D4123-82; AASHTO T245, T283, BS 598-107
  • Forney LA-2021    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Humboldt H-2000A    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson MS-82    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • TSR Compression Machine

    Marshall Compression and TSR (Tensile Strength Ratios) machine for measuring resistance to plastic flow of bituminous paving mix-tures. Handles a variety of tests with one load frame (Marshall, CBR, Unconfined, Unconsolidated undrained triaxial). Bench-mounted unit features pre-set speed selections and accessories. Variable speed setting allows stepless adjustment from 0.002" to 2.000" per minute. Testing Machine has motor with reversing switch that produces uniform vertical 2" (51mm) movement per minute. Includes calibrated load ring and dial indicator for determining test load. Load capacity is 10,000 lbs. (4500kg); maximum piston travel is 3-1/2" (88mm).
    Meets ASTM D1633, D1883, D2166, D1559, D5581 and AASHTO T193, T208, T245.
  • Forney LA-2022    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Humboldt H-1322    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson MS-20    Get Pricing       Get Information


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