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  • Dispensing Melting Pots

    Dispensing Melting Pots are available in 4qt or 10qt (3.8L or 9.5L) capacities for easy dispensing of asphalt binder for testing. Heavy pipe support mounts easily to the benchtop, and set screws on the sliding boss offer quick height adjustments of the pots. A manual dispensing lever operates a needle valve for desired flow rate and the fixed dial thermostat controls temperature from 150°—550°F (66°—288°C). The cast-aluminum inner pot is insulated to maintain high temperatures and a blanket-type heating element uniformly heats the pot across the bottom and for 75% of the wall height. Retain heat and control fumes with the included aluminum cover.
    Gilson MS-62 4qt Dispensing Melting Pot
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    Gilson MS-64 10qt Dispensing Melting Pot
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  • Digital Melting Pot

    Stainless Steel Melting Pots feature digital controllers and have a long-lasting stainless steel construction for dispensing asphalt and other materials like waxes or adhesives. The rugged melting pots are fitted with heated, no-drip ball dispenser valves to aid material flow and prevent clogs. Adjustable, powder-coated steel stands bolt securely to the bench-top, raising the pots to a convenient working height. The electronic controller regulates independent temperature settings for pot and dispenser valve. The menu-driven controller is easy to set up and has to pass code-activated lockout settings to guard against accidental changes.
    Gilson MS-66 4qt Digital Melting Pot
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    Gilson MS-67 12qt Digital Melting Pot
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  • Asphalt Dispensing Melting Pot

    Asphalt dispensing melting pot has stainless steel crucible (18 gauge) and shell (20 gauge) to facilitate easy clean up. Choice of 6 quart, or 12 quart models. Includes heavy-duty, adjustable bench mounting stand, which fits either size. Dual-point temperature control allows independent temperature for pot (0-350°) and for valve (1-10°). Digital display may be read in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Other features include: multiple-circuit blanket heater for very uniform heat; no-drip 1" ball valve dispenser, 7.25"
    Humboldt H-1440 6qt Melting Pot Dispenser
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    Humboldt H-1442 12qt Melting Pot Dispenser
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