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  • Ductility Test Apparatus

    Ductility Test Apparatus conducts ductility tests of bituminous materials to measure the elongation of a binder specimen before failure. The ends of a molded specimen are pulled apart in a liquid-filled trough at specified speed and temperature. Tensile strength and ductility of specimens can be measured concurrently with the addition of the Force Ductility Kits. The ductility tester features a heating and cooling circulator for complete temperature control. It is mounted in a stainless steel water bath to precise control test temperatures and can test three standard ductility specimens simultaneously.
    Gilson LP-10 Ductility Test Apparatus
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    UTEST UTB-1420 Ductility Test Apparatus
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  • Digital Melting Pot

    Ductility machines determine ductility of formed asphalt/cement or semi-solid bitumen by measuring the distance of elongation before reaching the breaking point of a briquette sample, which is pulled apart at a specific speed and temperature. This is a three-speed machine designed for standard and force ductility tests. The unit tests three briquettes simultaneously and its DC, direct-drive motor maintains constant speed, entirely vibration-free. Speeds of 1/4, 1 or 5cm per minute are selected via lever shift on mechanical gear box.
    Humboldt H-1068X ductility machines
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    UTEST UTB-1400 Ductility Machines
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