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  • Vacuum Pycnometers

    SG-16A 2,000g Pycnometer ensures accurate specific gravity measurements. This precision-machined aluminum volumetric canister is 7.5x6in (191x152mm) dia.xD and tests a maximum 2,000g (4.4lb) sample, sufficient for mixes with up to 3/4in (19.1mm) aggregates. SG-18A 4,000g Pycnometer features increased sample capacity over SG-16A. Its 7.5x9in (191x229mm) Dia.xD Aluminum volumetric canister has enough volume for specimens up to 4,000g. A transparent vacuum lid, second tapered aluminum lid with a capillary bore, 3/8in (9.5mm) threaded vacuum aspirator and tubing 3/8x48in (9.5x1,219mm) ID x L are included, allowing the canister to be used as volumeter for determining the specific gravity of compacted bituminous mixtures.
    Gilson SG-16A 2,000g Pycnometer
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    Gilson SG-18A 4,000g Pycnometer
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  • 6,000g Vacuum Pycnometer

    6,000g Pycnometer meets ASTM D2041/2041M and AASHTO T209 specifications and is suited for mixes with aggregates up to 2in (51mm). The large, 10L capacity pycnometer is a high-strength plastic vessel with 9.38in (238mm) I.D. and an O-Ring seal to prevent leakage. An adjustable valve controls water level, and a perforated plastic shelf to support three 4in (102mm) specimens is included. Also included is a threaded Sink Aspirator vacuum source with tubing and a quick disconnect.
    Gilson SG-15 6,000g Pycnometer
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    Humboldt H-1820 6,000g Pycnometer
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    Forney LA-2147 6,000g Pycnometer
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  • Vacuum Pycnometer Set

    Used in Vacuum Pycnometer Set for rice testing to determine the maximum specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures with maximum aggregate size up to 19.1mm (.75"). The H-1750 provides a 4.34L volume with a 2.9L max. sample volume and typically a 2500g required sample size and a 7.5" ID x 6" depth. Set includes aluminum volumetric canister; volumetric lid; flat, vinyl vacuum lid with O-ring and a metal water vacuum aspirator with 3/8" IPT and 6' hose with release valve and fittings. Unit achieves vacuum using an aspirator or optional vacuum pump.
    Humboldt H-1750 6" Pycnometer
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    Humboldt H-1751 4" Pycnometer
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    Forney LA-2145 Vacuum Pycnometer
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    Test Mark AA-0068 Vacuum Pycnometer
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