Radiation Safety & Proper Gage Operation Procedure Classes
for users of Portable Moisture/Density Gauges


    This course will provide employee and student sealed-source Moisture/Density Gauges users with fundamental radiation safety practices. The course also covers federal and state radiation safety requirements. This course is designed to satisfy the 3-year hazardous materials retraining requirement under 49 CFR 172.700-704 for gauge users. Additionally, for new gauge users, this course may be taken in lieu of required gauge manufacturer's operations and safety training.


    • Basic Radiation Terminology
    • ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), Radiation and Contamination Control
    • HAZMAT (hazardous materials), Handling and Contamination Control
    • Biological Effects of Radiation
    • Physical Security Considerations
    • Transportation and Shipping
    • Available Information Sources

    Who Should Attend:

    Nuclear gauge users who are due for retraining or New nuclear gauge users as an alternative to manufacturer's operations and safety training.

    Training Frequency:

    The manufacturer's course is required initially for authorized permittees, and then retraining every 3 years can be done either by the manufacturer or by CSS staff.

    Length and location of Course:

    The complete course takes about 8 hours.
    Our trainers can provide on-site training at your facility or you may send your Operators to classes in Houston, Texas.


    Each student will receive a training certificate after successful completion of this course.

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