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James Gecor 8™ Rebar Corrosion Rate Analysis

World's most advanced system for analyzing corrosion of concrete steel reinforcement bars. James Instruments Gecor 8™ represents the latest technology in steel reinforcing bar corrosion rate determination. It combines state of the art embedded microprocessor systems and computerized flash technology with the world's leading research in reinforcing bar corrosion rate analysis.
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James Gecor 6™ Corrosion Rate Analysis

Measures the rate of corrosion and other parameters of rebars. The Gecor 6™ utilizes the polarization resistance technique to establish the corrosion rate. This is a quantitative measure of the amount of steel oxidizing at the time of measurement. Up to 100 readings can be stored in memory for later uploading to a Personal Computer. Relative humidity, temperature, half-cell potentials and concrete resistivity also can be measured. Weighing only nine pounds, the system is easy to use, portable and menu driven.
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James ASR Detect™ Alkali Silica Reaction

Field Test to identify Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) in concrete. Two reagents are applied to the broken surface of a concrete core and the excess rinsed off. On contaminated concrete, the resultant stains reveal the presence of ASR. The stains also reveal the extent of the ASR in the concrete and indicate the stage of ASR progression. Yellow indicates that degradation has begun; pink warns that degradation is advancing.
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James Carbo Detect™ carbonated concrete test

Field test to identify Carbonation. Carbo Detect™ is a simple colored dye field test for detecting carbonation. The single reagent is sprayed on the surface to be checked. The reagent will change to pink in uncarbonated concrete and remain colorless when sprayed on carbonated concrete.
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James OhmCorr™ Meter Assesses Concrete Resistivity

OhmCorr™ has two probes spaced 1.97" (5cm) apart which are placed in holes drilled to a depth of 3/8th" (8mm) and filled with conductive gel. The direct digital read-out of resistivity is displayed on the LCD when the control switch is activated. OhmCorr™ and CorMap™, when used together, provide an economical and sound diagnostic system of corrosion in reinforced concrete.
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James Chloride Test System

Measures the amount of chloride present in wet or dry concrete. The C-CL-2000 produces results on-site, within minutes that are accurate and comparable to expensive laboratory tests. It measures the electrochemical reaction of a weighted sample placed in an extraction liquid. It automatically shows a temperature compensated reading of percent of chlorides on its digital display. A wide range - from 0.002 to 2% chloride by weight - is covered.
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James Poroscope-Plus™ water permeability of concrete test

Poroscope™ Plus measures the time it takes for air to flow into a known volume of a sealed, evacuated chamber in the concrete. While the vacuum reduces from -55 Kpa to -50 Kpa, a measure of air permeability is determined. For water permeability, Poroscope™ Plus uses the same chamber filled with water, and measures the total time in seconds for a volume of 0.01 ml of water to escape. Surface porosity is determined in like manner using a specially designed surface chamber.
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James CorMap™ probable rebar corrosion test

An economical method for identifying probable areas of corrosion A high impedance voltmeter is connected between the reinforcing steel and a Cu-CuSO4 reference electrode on the concrete surface where a measurement can be made for the half-cell potential. This measurement of the probability of corrosion activity. By testing at a fixed distance apart, a grid of half-cell potentials can be developed and areas delineated.
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James CorMap II™ corrosion potential test

Advanced System for corrosion potential data acquisition and analysis, allowing the user to quickly identify areas of probable corrosion in the field. The Cor Map Mark II system comes complete with rugged half-cells designed for the tough construction environment. Porous ceramic tips are used in order to provide long life and eliminate problems from clogs in the Cu/CuSO4 half-cell. The specially shaped tip has also been designed to allow the half cell to take read James CorMap II™ ings in the a vertical, horizontal or inverted position.
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