• Forney Concrete Compression Machine

    Forney offers several models of Concrete Compression Machines:
    F SERIES STANDARD COMPRESSION MACHINES are Versatile, durable and dependable testing machines with time-tested design and performance.
    FHS SERIES COMPRESSION MACHINES for demanding testing environments – High Stiffness machines are 3X to 4X more rigid than conventional frames. Fully enclosed test chamber for maximum debris and dust control.
    HIGH CAPACITY COMPRESSION MACHINES series is specifically designed for larger specimens and/or high-strength materials. Available in two frame types with the highest rigidity to minimize frame elongation influence.
    UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINES series is specifically designed measure and control via a variety of axes and vector types—force, pressure, stress, strain and low-range force with one universal machine.

  • Humboldt Concrete Compression Machine

    Humboldt's concrete compression frames are designed to handle the daily demands of testing concrete cylinders, beams, blocks and cubes. Humboldt's compression machines span a testing range from 30,000 to 500,000 lbs. (1112 to 2,224kN). All compression frames are built in the U.S. to specifications exceeding current industry standards. These compression machines are known for their versatility, rigid construction, dependability and compact design. All Humboldt load frames are manufactured with structural steel side members and solid steel cross heads, which feature a unique wrap-around, box construction design. Each corner is fully-welded on both the inside and outside cross head seams, providing the rugged stability needed for accurate and repeatable test results year after year.

  • Gilson Concrete Compression Machines

    Gilson makes it easy to build the concrete compression machine that best fits your compression testing needs. Each series meets different capacity needs and offers unique features. Their standard load frames are available in configurations for testing many different sizes and types of concrete strength specimens and can be equipped with high-accuracy and easy to operate Pro or Pro-Plus electronic controllers. Both exceed industry standards for accuracy.
    Pro Controllers simultaneously display live load and rate of load during testing and are accurate to ±0.5%. Peak load and average load rate are shown at the end of the test.
    Pro Plus Controllers display load, load rate, and stress during a test and final load, average load rate, and peak stress at the conclusion.

  • Test Mark Industries Compression Machines

    Test Mark Industries Concrete and Cement Compression Machines are available with three different digital load indicating systems, select from a basic budget minded unit or an advanced unit that will automatically calculate and display stress test results and will transfer to a PC all of the test data required for a C-39 test report. Standard safety features are steel fragment guard doors on both frame openings and a high pressure hydraulic safety valve which prevents the machine from operating beyond its maximum capacity. Optional safety features are a piston over-extension limit switch.

  • UTest Concrete Compression Machines

    UTEST ASTM & AASHTO compression testing frames for blocks and cylinders consist of a rigid welded steel walls, a loading cylinder assembly and lower and upper (spherically-seated) bearing platens.The frames provide the stability needed for accurate and repeatable test results over the years of operation. Any hydraulic power pack with control and read out unit and a pressure transducer for measuring the loads, can be positioned on the right hand side of the load frame for easier accessibility, increased productivity and for safer operations. All frames have a single acting up stroking ram and also have front and rear protective doors and limit swich for piston stroke for safety. The diameter of the pistons are designed to work with the load capacity. The lower bearing platens are provided with centering line/s