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  • Automatic Testing
  • Variable, Cyclic Control Capability
  • Data Acquisition and Data Management

  • Forney Closed Loop Servo Technology can be applied to any Load Frame to enable a full range of sophisticated testing protocols. In the most basic application, it allows fully automatic testing, eliminating operator error, reducing labor costs, and consolidating and managing test result data. Variable cyclic and segmented control profiles provide for fatigue and reversing stress state evaluation. The system can be set up for tension, compression or bending and applied to a variety of materials and product geometry to evaluate low stress, cyclic fatigue effects. Sophisticated testing protocols can generate reams of data. Analytic and management capabilities are a must and the Forney system provides for real time data acquisition, custom display and control, and a seamless transition to popular analysis tools.

    Forney has a variety of digital readout choices to fit every application and price range. Every digital is accurate to within +/- 0.5% of the indicated load and features up-to-date readout technology. Forney options range from simple function and easy to use "black box" type readouts to PC based readouts for closed-loop servo control technology and sophisticated data acquisition systems with the ability to collect and share data.
    Forney offers flexibility. We can cover anything you need from a simple digital readout to intermediate readout systems with X-Y plots and computer downloads to the more sophisticated data acquisition collection, sharing and networking systems. Select a readout option that offers only features that you need or one with all the bells and whistles. The choice is yours Remember that older compression frames can be retro-fit with a new, up-to-date digital readout providing all the features you need to compete in today's testing industry.

    Pilot Digital Controller
    The Pilot, Forney’s newest readout incorporates a wide range of premium features designed for the moat sophisticated users. The Pilot simultaneously displays date and time, number of stored tests, peak load, load rate, stress, specimen number, cross-sectional area of the specimen and all X-Y graph.
    An RS232 port allows downloading test results to a PC. Selectable parameters include language, load, rate, stress units, specimen type, peak load, peak stress and specimen and operator ID. The Pilot is parallel printer ready with print options including print x-y graph, selected test, all tests. auto print, auto store and will store 2000 tests in memory. A 7-point scaling feature insures accuracy of +/- 0.5% from 1 % to full machine capacity.

    Co-Pilot Digital Controller
    The FORNEY Co-Pilot incorporates state-of-the art technology in a single-channel unit specifically designed for harsh industrial environments. With its big 6.character numeric display, 6 status LED's indicating PEAK, LIVE, LOAD, RATE, LB AND KN and a new user interface the Co-Pilot is easy to use and more intuitive than earlier units. Password entry to calibration and parameter functions prevents unauthorized access. Features include readout in lb or kN. Load rate in lb/min or kN/min, selectable load increments, and serial printer ready with various print options and a 500-stored test capacity. A 6-point scaling feature insures accuracy of +/-.5% from 1 % to full machine capacity. The Co-Pilot retrofit package is another great option for upgrading the readout on older testing machines.

    DR500 Digital Force Indicator
    The DR500 is the reliable. Economical alternative to analog gauges, specifically designed for harsh industrial environments. The easy-to-use DR500 Employs advanced technology for stable, drift free readout and accurate calibration usually found only on more expansive units. This single channel. 6-diglt display offers a 16-point scaling feature for accurate calibration to +/-0.5% from 1% to full capacity of the compression machine, The DR500 will display live load with peak load captured at the end of each test. The DR500 retrofit package is a great option for replacing analog gauges on older testing machines.

    LC4 Digital Force Indicator
    A four-channel system with one load channel, two displacement channels and one encoder channel for capturing load, extension and crosshead position- Used typical}' for tensile testing or where four channel input is required, i.e. Poisson’s Ratio.

    MTS Digital Control System
    The Forney MTS closed loop servo control is a Windows 95/98/2000NT based system control that eliminates errors due to the manual control and mechanical compensating spools found in all other hydraulic compression testing systems. The MTS is a complete hydraulic servo-control system that is integrated with most Forney LT-Series Machines. The MTS is specifically designed for highly accurate, electro hydraulic universal testing machine enabling full feedback control of loading rate and crosshead speed for pure monotonic, cyclic and segmented loop feedback testing. The MTS system includes these outstanding characteristics:
    • Four auto-ranging channels to measure load, displacement, stress and crosshead position.
    • Full range of compression, tension and flexual test analysis
    • Modulus of Elasticity
    • 2 % Offset Yield
    • Elongation at Yield
    • Proportional Limit
    • Secant Modulus
    • R-value
    • Poisson's Ratio
    • Ultimate Force
    • Ultimate Stress
    • Stress v Strain
    • Calculation of high, low, mean and standard deviation for groups of tests
    • Hard disk storage of test results
    • Hard copy printout of x-y plots, results reports and statistics

    Analog Gauge Force Indicators Forney analog gauge systems continue to provide maintenance free operation in poor testing environments. Available in single gauge models for basic cylinder testing and dual models for low force Cube and beam, testing applications. All Forney Gauges Meet ASTM standards.

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