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  • CM-2500 SERIES 250,000 LBS. (1,112 KN)

    Test Mark Industries CM-2500 Series 250,000 lbs. (1,112 kN) Capacity Concrete Compression Machines has all the features you look for in a basic compression testing machine; accuracy, portability, versatility, dependability and compactness, making it the ideal choice for either field or laboratory testing operations. It is well suited for testing 6" x 12" (150 x 300 mm) concrete cylinders up to 7,000 psi (48.2 MPa), or with optional platens, low strength concrete beams.
    Test Mark CM-2500 Series 250K
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  • CM-3000 SERIES 300,000 LBS. (1,334 KN)

    Test Mark Industries CM-3000 Series 300,000 lbs. (1,112 kN) features a rigid load frame, increased testing capacity, easy to use load indicator, and large lower compression platen. With this configuration, cylinders with pad cap rings can be slid into place without being lifted. These features make the CM-3000 one of the most versatile and affordably priced testing machines available in its class when compared to competitive models. Built to last, compare its many proven design features to those of lighter competitive machines; its crossheads are 25% thicker, larger diameter piston with longer stroke and dust shield, a thicker lower platen table through hardened to HRC 55 or greater and steel fragment guard doors.
    Test Mark CM-3000 Series 300K
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  • CM-4000 SERIES 400,000 LBS. (1,780 KN)

    Test Mark Industries CM-4000 Series 400,000 lbs. (1,780 kN) is designed to meet the demands of production testing programs where day to day performance is required. Its heavy duty load frame features thicker crossheads and our wrap around frame design which extends the frames side members around the crossheads. It is then fully welded forming a solid one piece load frame for the maximum stability needed for repeatable and accurate test results year after year. The loading of heavy specimens is easier with the frames wider horizontal opening and large lower compression platen table, cylinders with pad cap rings are easily set on the front edge of the table and then slid into place, not lifted.
    Test Mark CM-4000 Series 400K
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  • CM-5000 SERIES 500,000 LBS. (2,224 KN)

    Test Mark Industries CM-5000 Series 500,000 lbs. (2,224 kN) feature rigid distortion-resistant load frames designed to meet the demands of testing high performance concrete in a production testing program where accurate and repeatable test results are required. Our frame incorporates a thicker crosshead and deeper side members than competitive models. For example, its frame has a stiffness rating of 41.6 million lbs/in. We invite you to compare the CM-5000 load frame design specifications to those of other 500,000 lb. (2,224 kN) capacity machines.
    Test Mark CM-5000 Series 500K
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    Test Mark Industries High capacity series machines feature rigid distortion-resistant load frames that are designed to meet the demands of testing high-performance concrete in a production testing program, where accurate and repeatable test results are required. Compare their frame specifications for both crosshead thickness and depth of their side members and judge for yourself. Test Mark machines load frames will stand up to the long term punishment of high performance concrete testing year after year.
    Test Mark CM-6000 Series 600K (2,668 kN)
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    Test Mark CM-8000 Series 800K (3,559 kN)
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    Test Mark CM-10000 Series 1000K (4,448 kN)
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