Adhesion Testing

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Forney Adhesion Testers
come in both Digital and Electronic versions.
Forney Adhesion Tester LA-4900

Used to measure the adhesive strength of applied coatings such as mortars, plasters, and plastics on concrete, metals, etc. The test set consists of a test disc with pull stud that is epoxy glued into 50 mm (1.968 in)diameter circular incisions; tripod-mounted pull off unit with manual hand crank; and dial indicator or separate battery powered digital display. Tripod legs are adjustable. Accuracy of force measurement +/-2% for dial indicator models and +/-1% for digital display models. Set includes carrying case with handle. Digital display models include large LCD display, 9-button keypad, data transfer to printer or PC and user selectable measurement parameters.

Model LA-4900 and LA-4900-01 Scale 22.5 lb (.1kN)
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Model LA-4901 and LA-4901-01 Scale 56.2 lb (.25kN)
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Model LA-4902 and LA-4902-01 Scale 112.4 lb (50kN)
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Model LA-4903 and LA-4903-01 Scale 224.8 lb (1 kN)
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PROCEQ Adhesion Tester DYNA-Z

The pull-off tester DYNA is a light and precise portable instrument used for measuring the adhesion and the tensile strength of concrete, mortar, coatings, colour and varnish on site and in a laboratory. The DYNA Z .....E with DYNAMETER display; the electronic option with a pacer for a controlled and standardised charge increase and measuring of the force and tension. The data can be transferred to a PC or printer for further evaluation.
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James Pull Off Adhesion Tester

The James Instruments Inc. Pull Off Adhesion/Bond Tester measures the adhesion of coatings to concrete and metals. The Tester measures the pull force used to pull a 2 or 3 disc away from the material being tested. This pressure is displayed on a precision gauge and can be related directly to the strength of the adhesion to the surface being tested. The James Pull Off Adhesion/Bond Tester has been successfully used to verify the quality of existing materials, determine the adhesion strength of shotcrete, epoxies and other repair materials.
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