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    The cementometer type-R handles normal water/cement ratios between 0.35 to 0.65. The unit is calibrated for standard type I, II, and III cements and can also be programmed with up to ten different mix designs by the user. For highest accuracy, the user should program the unit for the material being used. The simple-to-use calibration process rapidly creates user programs without the need for external computing devices. The unit can store over 150 readings complete with time and date for future reference. Data can be recalled via RS-232 interface.
    Humboldt HC-4972 Cementometer
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    Test Mark Industries CA-3210 Cementometer
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    The concrete encounter is a hand-held electronic moisture meter, which uses non-destructive impedance measurement to determine moisture levels in concrete floors. The concrete encounter will give you an instant reading of moisture content to over 6% for concrete and 0-10 comparative for gypsum floor screeds, enabling you to make an informed decision on when to install floor coverings. Designed to be used on clean, dust-free slabs, just switch on and press the instrument firmly against the floor surface. Readings are then read directly from the analog meter. Coplanar electrodes with spring-loaded contacts enhance signal depth and sensitivity to a depth of .5" (12.5mm).
    Humboldt HC-2990 Concrete Encounter (Moisture)
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    Forney LA-3401 Concrete Moisture Encounter
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    Tramex CME XpertII Concrete Moisture Meter is a digital display version of the concrete encounter. It operates on the principle of non-destructive impedance measurement. Parallel co-planar electrodes are mounted on the base, which during operation transmit a low-frequency signal into a concrete slab. Quickly and easily measures moisture content.
    Humboldt HC-2994 Concrete Moisture Meter
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    Concrete Inspection Kit is versatile and includes everything required for concrete humidity testing. It provides a complete profile of moisture content throughout the slab, not just the surface. Humidity levels are measured periodically with electronic moisture sensors embedded in 0.75in (19mm) holes bored to the specified depth. Probes are flush with the floor surface and do not interfere with normal construction activities.
    Humboldt HC-2995A Concrete Inspection Kit
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    Gilson HM-85 Hygro-i Inspection Kit
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