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James R-Meter MK III™ Model 3000 Rebar Locator

The James Instruments Inc. R-Meter MK III™ is the digital version of a classic rebar locator, rebar finder which enables the user to locate reinforcement bars and also determine rebar location and rebar size. The R-Meter MK III™ rebar locator is also capable of locating non ferrous metals as well.

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Forney Rebar Locator - Cover Master LA-0803-15

Used to determine the depth and placement direction of No.2 to No. 14 (5mm to 50mm) reinforcement bar inside in-place concrete. Cover Master uses the pulse detection eddy-current detection principle to accurately locate in-concrete reinforcement bars. It contains state of the art microprocessor technology with a full menu-driven LCD display.

LA-0803-15 can measure depths up to 8 inches (205mm).
LA-0803-10 has a depth range of .25in to 4in (6.3 mm to 101.6mm).
LA-0803-09 with midget head for areas of low cover, precast units and reinforced concrete pipes.
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Forney Rebar Locator - Rebar Plus LA-4610

Used to determine the location and direction of Nos.3 to 14 (10 - 50mm)reinforcement bar inside in-place concrete. The Rebar Plus is dual range with an indication of depth of cover. It use the pulse detection eddy-current detection principle to accurately locate in-concrete reinforcement bars. The hand-held search head contains the sealed search coils used for the location and orientation of rebar. An audio signal indicates rebar location and direction.
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Humboldt Micro Covermeter H-2980A

The Micro Covermeter accurately determines the position and direction of reinforcement bars and the precise measurement of the concrete coverage. Two different probes are available for use with the instrument. The Maxi-Probe, which enables the instrument to measure large size bars to depths of up to 14" (360mm) and the Mini-Probe, which offers better resolution of dense bars, intersecting bars and mesh to depths of 4.7" (120mm). Accuracy of all readings is to within ±2mm or ±5% up to 75% of the maximum range. When used by an experienced operator, the sizing of bar diameters to ±1 bar size is typical. in cases of extreme material abnormalities, errors of ±2 bar size may occur. The instrument is powered by four “AA” size batteries and incorporates an LCD display with user selectable, English or Metric measurement modes. Probes are not included and must be ordered separately.
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Inexpensive Handheld Rebar Locator

Rebar locator detects exact position and orientation of rebars, pre- or post-tensioned concrete cables and lost tendon splices quickly and accurately. Unit measures bar size with ±1/8" accuracy and concrete cover with ±1/8" accuracy. Concrete thickness may be measured in tanks, pipes and other structures where inner lining is steel and within 10" of the surface. Locates ferrous base materials embedded in concrete, masonry or wood to a depth of 10". Includes rechargeable storage battery.
James HR Meter™ (Pachometer, Covermeter)
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Humboldt Rebar Locator # H-2977
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Gilson IMP Rebar Locator HM-145

The HM-145 IMP Rebar Locator is an inexpensive way to avoid expensive mistakes. It also determines orientation of rebar and pattern of welded-mesh fabric. Single 16mm bars can be detected to 100mm cover, and 150mm spacing of parallel 16mm bars can be resolved to 90mm cover. Closer spacing to 60m apart can be resolved to 35mm cover. Welded fabric of 6mm bars on 200mm centers is resolved to 110mm cover. A speaker is provided for audible indication. The search head coil is encapsulated in epoxy resin. An analog Indicator gives signal strength and battery condition. Four AA batteries required, alkaline recommended. A foam-lined carrying case is provided to hold the 7.2x4.6x3.0" (183x117x75mm), LxWxD meter, search head, meter case, and carrying straps.
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Gilson Rebar Plus HM-148

REBAR PLUS, Model HM-148, is designed primarily as a rebar locator, but it can also be used for rough estimates of cover depth. The directional search head locates and also indicates orientation of bars via analog meter or by audible tone. Single bars are detected up to 5" (127mm) for #3 bar, 6" (152mm) for #5 bar, and 7" (178mm) for #10 bar. Cover estimates with Rebar Plus are calibrated to #5 bar diameter, and accuracy is within ±0.1" or ±5% for the #5 bar at mid-life battery voltage. Measurements for other bars are less accurate, depending on bar diameter and battery strength status. Bars #4 and #6 are within 6%, and #3 and #10 are normally indicated correctly to within one scale division.
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James Rebar Datascan Rebar Locator & Covermeter

The Rebar Datascan Covermeter is a sophisticated rebar locator with an easy to read digital display. The Datascan can estimate rebar size to a depth of 8" (200mm) and reinforcement bar cover can be detected to a maximum depth of 12" (300mm). Scanning is enhanced by an audible output and the analog meter on the probe. Optional built-in memory stores more than 1000 cover readings for downloading to a PC. The James Data Scan™ Rebar Locator is a digital reinforcement bar locator, rebar finder that is able to locate rebar and also determine rebar size. This rebar detector comes with an easy to read liquid crystal display. The instrument is also capable of locating rebar mesh, rebar depth, and concrete cover. This cover meter has an optional memory chip.
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James Datascan MK II™

An unsophisticated ground penetrating radar system that allows the user to view structural features, such as; wire mesh, rebar, pipes (metal and fluid filled P.V.C.), asphalt, and concrete thickness.
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The PROFOMETER 5 locates reinforcing bars and measures concrete cover – quickly, simply and with complete accuracy. The PROFOMETER 5 reinforcement locator is a lightweight, compact unit. It works with non-destructive pulse-induction that is largely insensitive to external interferences. The PROFOMETER 5 is available in two versions: Model S and Model SCANLOG.
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