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Forney Gillmore Test Apparatus LA-4160

Used to determine the initial and final setting time of hydraulic cement paste using Gillmore needles. Unit consists of a base, support shelf, two (2) horizontal arms and two (2) metal balls with needles.
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Humboldt Acme Penetrometer H-4143

Hydraulic reaction-type apparatus for determining the time of setting of concrete with slump greater than zero by testing mortar sieved from the concrete mixture. Unit also determines effects of variables such as temperature, cement, mixture proportions, additions and admixtures upon the time of setting and hardening of concrete. Penetrometer’s new design makes it easier to operate, more efficient, with a longer gear rack. All needles are one length so settings may remain the same. Loads are applied hydraulically with pressures read on a 200 lbf (890N) capacity gauge graduated in 2 lbf divisions. Set of six needles allow multiplication to maximum 8000 lbf. reading.
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Humboldt Concrete Pocket Penetrometers H-4132

Lightweight, spring-reaction type concrete penetrometer for field and lab evaluation of the initial set of concrete mortar based on ASTM C403. Penetration plunger has a 1/20 sq. in. tip area. Plunger is steadily pushed into the mortar to a 1 in. depth, as indicated on the shaft, at periodic time intervals. Penetrometer’s calibrated range is 0-700psi. Resistance in psi is indicated on the scale. The term “initial set” is the semi-hardened, partially hydrated condition of the concrete beyond which it can no longer be worked. The point of initial set is reached when the penetration value is 500psi. Meets ASTM C780.
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Gilson Acme Penetrometer HM-570

Model HM-570 Acme Penetrometer and Model HM-571 Mortar Penetration Apparatus are used to determine setting times of concrete mixes by measuring the penetration resistance. Suitable for lab and field testing, both are also ideal for testing prepared mortars and grouts. A mortar sample, sieved from fresh mix, is placed in a container and stored at a specified temperature. It is tested at regular intervals with standard penetration needles. Resistance is plotted to determine initial (500 psi) and final (4000 psi) setting times.
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