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James M-Meter™ Measures the developing strength of maturing concrete

James Instrument Inc. M-Meter™ Maturity System is a six-channel microprocessor based instrument that integrates time and temperature for monitoring freshly poured concrete, on-site. The maturity number is calculated and updated every six minutes, and together with the lapsed time and temperature readings, are stored each hour. This information can be transferred to hard copy by a field printer (optional M-M-3010) attached to the M-Meter™. Battery capacity allows for up to 20 days of continuous operation. Meets ASTM C-1074 &C-918.
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Humboldt Multi-Channel Maturity Meter H-2682

Digital unit gives maturity number calculation, instant readout and temperature history. All four channels may be used simultaneously. All information is available on menu-driven alphanumeric display. Datum temperature is programmable from -20°C to +60°C. Communications port allows information transfer from meter to meter, printer or computer. Includes four type “T” thermocouple wire, connectors, RS-232 communications cable and plastic carrying case. Dimensions: 8x4-3/4x3" (203x121x76mm). Meets ASTM C1074.
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Gilson Maturity Meter HM-119

The HM-119 IntelliRock™ Concrete Maturity System uses embedded, self-contained data-loggers with precision temperature sensors in place of thermocouple wires used by less sophisticated systems. The microprocessor-based loggers measure, process and store data that can be accessed at any time with the Handheld Reader. This extremely rugged system does not require the Reader to be permanently attached, greatly reducing the risk of lost data and equipment from theft, vandalism, weather and other job-site hazards. The design of the System allows any number of data-loggers to be controlled and accessed by one Handheld Reader.
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Gilson Maturity Meter HM-134 & HM-136

Models HM-134 and HM-136 4-Channel Meters have internal memory for over 10 months of continuous recording of half-hour readings. Datum temperature and activation energy are user programmable. One to four locations can be monitored at once, and all channels are accessed via membrane keyboard and alphanumeric display. Maturity progress can be checked directly from the meter at any time.
HM-136 is operated by included 9V lithium battery for 3 weeks or more. Rechargeable HM-134 has a NiCad battery and charger to more than double unattended life or permit operation from 115V AC. Both meters include Type T thermocouple wire, 4 connectors, RS-232 cable for downloading to a PC, and a plastic carrying case. Meter dimensions: 8x4.8x3" (203x122x 76mm).
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James IQM-Meter™ and IQT-Meter™

The James IQM System enables fresh concrete to be easily and completely monitored in the field for improved safety, quality assurance and optimum setting time. Designed specifically for monitoring and analyzing fresh concrete, the IQM Module is programmed with the required Equivalent Age of the concrete under test. Once this preset maturity number is reached, a visual indicator will flash continuously, providing an effective, automatic indication that the concrete has reached the desired level of maturity. The James IQT features extensive memory and graphic display of temperature history. Similar to the IQM, the IQT System offers software for uploading the temperature data to a P.C. through its serial port.
James IQM-Meter Maturity Monitor
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James IQT-Meter Temperature Monitor
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Gilson Maturity Meter HM-121

The HM-121 CMM is a single channel meter that continuously updates and displays current maturity values of curing concrete in degree Celsius-hours. Small size of the rugged NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure allows easy portability and rapid mounting on formwork. Both enclosure and connections are weather resistant.
Values are shown on 2 line x 8 character LCD. An alternating display shows the most recent concrete temperature, accumulated days and hours and accumulated degree-hours. Temperature readings are acquired and calculated every 1/2-hr. Readings are not logged or stored in memory. Probes are fabricated of 24-gauge Type T thermocouple wire, which may be purchased in 100 ft (30.5 m) rolls as HMA-20. Probes can be made quickly in the field and abandoned in place on completion of monitoring.
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