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Forney Compressometers LA-0489

Used to measure the compressive deflection of a cylinder or core, 4 to 6 inch diameter (10.2 to 15.2 cm, for determination of chord modulus of elasticity (Young's). Unit consists of two cast aluminum yokes with mounting point screws, vertical steel control rods, measurement device mountings and dial indicator or electronic L.V.D.T. strain gauge.
LA-0488-E    Compressometer  Electronic 6 in
LA-0488-E4   Compressometer  Electronic 4 in
LA-0489      Compressometer  Dial Indicator 6 in
LA-0489-05   Compressometer  Dial Indicator 4 in
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Humboldt Compressometer H-2911

Apparatus is used for evaluating deformation and strain characteristics of 6" dia. x 12" L (152x305mm) concrete cylinders while undergoing compression testing.
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Humboldt Compressometer-Extensometer H-2912

Combined compressometer and extensometer for 6" dia.x 12"L (152x305mm) concrete cylinders is a convenient unbounded device. Apparatus contains a third yoke located halfway between the two compressometer yokes and attached to the specimen at two diametrically opposite points.
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Gilson Compressometer / Extensometer HM-130

Model HM-130 Compressometer is used for evaluating longitudinal deformation and strain characteristics on 6x12" (152x305mm) concrete cylinders during compression testing. Instrument consists of two yokes, the bottom one rigidly attached to the specimen, the upper one attached at two diametrically opposite points to permit pivoting. A fixed-length pivot rod connects the yokes halfway between pivot points. A dial indicator measuring deflection at the opposite point on the circumference measures the sum of the deformation of the cylinder at two diametrically opposite positions.
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Forney Multi-Length Strain Gauge Set LA-0493

Used to measure strain in masonry type materials, structural components under load, structural cracks, relative structural displacements, rock mechanics and drying shrinkage of concrete block. Consists of a cast aluminum frame with master settings for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches (5.1, 10.2, 15.2, 20.3, and 25.4 cm); dial indicator with range of .3 inches (7.62mm) x .0001 in., (.0025mm) gradations. Set includes Strain Gauge, dial indicator, 8 brass inserts, 2 contact seats, 2 contact points, invar bar, punch bar and case.
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Humboldt Multi-Length Strain Gauge Set H-3230

Mechanical gauge is recommended as a substitute for the Whittemore strain gauge for many applications. Designed to measure strain in masonry-type materials, structural components under load, opening or closing of structural cracks, measuring relative structural displace-ments, rock mechanics testing and drying shrinkage of concrete block testing.
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Gilson Strain Gauge Set HM-240

The Strain Gauge Set is designed to mechanically measure strain in masonry-type materials or in structural components under load, relative displacements in structures, opening or closing of cracks, shrinkage of concrete block during drying, and similar applications. The anodized aluminum alloy instrument frame adjusts for measuring at 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 inch spacing (5, 10, 15, 20, 25cm for metric) of Punch Bar and Invar Master Bar used. Brass inserts are mounted in specimen at selected spacing to hold stainless steel Contact Seats, threaded in place in the inserts. Hardened steel Contact Points mount in strain gauge frame for positioning in Contact Seats for measuring strain on dial indicator.
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