Air Content Measurement

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Entrained air Pressure Meter Type A

Easy-to-use stainless clamping system employs four, one-piece, selflocking clamps to seal lid to base with proper tension. O-ring assures watertight seal. Easy-to-read (to nearest 1/10th of a percent) 4" diameter direct percentage gauge with calibration adjustments. All brass pump builds test pressure faster using fewer strokes. Unique pop-it valve eliminates seal failures. Complete with high-impact plastic carrying case, syringe, tamping rod, strike-off bar, calibration vessel, inside and outside calibration rubes and instructions.
  • Forney LA-0316    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Humboldt H-2783    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson HM-29A    Get Pricing       Get Information
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  • Entrained air indicators Press-Ur-Meter, Type B

    For field and laboratory tests, 1/4-cu.-ft. (.007m3) air meter is designed to determine air content, determination of specific gravity and free moisture test of aggregates. Designed to save time, reduce water used, ensure accuracy and maintain sample integrity (sample may be used for slump and compression tests). Features built-in allbrass super pump. Furnished with all necessary accessories for calibration and running entrained air test, and carrying case.
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  • Gilson HM-30P    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • James A-AB-1200    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Roll-A-Meter Air Indicator

    Rolling or washout method air indicator for use with any aggregate not exceeding 2" (51mm). Capacity in base section: 130 cu. in. (2130cm3). Easy to handle in the field. Requires no special training or computation. Includes instructions and carrying case. Height: 22" (559mm). Max. O.D. 8" (203mm).
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  • Humboldt H-2795    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson HM-32L    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Volumetair Air Meter

    The Volumetair is used for the rolling method of measuring entrained air in any concrete. This ultra lightweight and easy-to-use instrument is supplied complete with the meter, funnel, syringe, tamper, calibration cup, mallet, strike-off bar and plastic carrying case. The plastic materials used in the construction of this unit not only make it lightweight; but also allows the user to use water for clean-up and small amounts of muratic acid for periodic cleaning. The sight tube has a range of 0 to 9% and the base volume is 134 cu. in. (2200ml).
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  • Humboldt H-2795P    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson HM-33    Get Pricing       Get Information
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  • Concrete Air Indicator Kit
    (Isopropyl-Alcohol Method)

    For quick field checks of air content of fresh concrete in about three minutes, Complete kit for measuring air content of fresh concrete includes: air indicator, instructions, cleaning brush and plastic squeeze-type bottle for alcohol. Components fit in plastic box.
  • Forney LA-0345    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Humboldt H-2756    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson HM-34    Get Pricing       Get Information


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