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    Perfa-Cure ELITE Extreme Curing Box (Heat and Cooling) economical way to store concrete test specimens in the field with the aid of heating and cooling functions. Thermostatically controlled for that "Set it and forget it" set up. Perfect for curing test specimens in all seasons. 1/3 the cost of some of the other products available. Now featuring a 165 qt. Grizzly hard sided cooler with continuous circulation fan. Accommodates up to (10) 6" x12" cylinder molds or (48) 4" x8" cylinder molds with flat lids.
    Humboldt HC-2965A Extreme Curing Box
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    Gilson HM-494 Xtreme Concrete Curing Box
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    Forney LA-1316 Curing Box, Heats and cools
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    Curing Box for concrete cylinders is lightweight, and portable—74 lbs. (33.6kg). Plastic construction is rugged, durable and rustproof. Up to 22 standard 6" x 12" (152 x 305mm) test specimens can be stored at 72 ±2°F (22.2 ±1.1°C) over an ambient range of -10 to 100°F (-23 to 37.8°C). Sturdy, 14-gauge steel bottom rack provides optimum water circulation for even curing. Bottom valve for fast drainage. Lockable lid resists tampering. Requires minimum 15 amp circuit. Deluxe model includes recirculating water temperature control unit with temperature set buttons, indicating lights and digital readout for water temperature.
    Humboldt H-2968 Concrete Curing Box, Deluxe
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    Gilson HM-49 Deluxe Thermocure Curing Box
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    Forney LA-1311 Concrete Curing Box
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    UTEST UTC-0980-C Accelerated Curing Tank
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    a range of steel or plastic tanks for curing cylinders, beams, and other concrete specimens in both field and lab environments. Curing Tanks filled with lime-saturated water and maintained to proper temperatures meet all field and laboratory curing requirements specified in ASTM and AASHTO standards with less expense and greater adaptability than full-scale moist curing rooms. Straight sides with round ends make the most efficient use of floor space.
    Humboldt H-2969 Poly Curing Tank
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    Gilson HM-620 Steel Concrete Curing Tank
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    Forney LA-1335 Galvanized Curing Tank
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    UTEST UTC-0950 Large Metal Curing Tank
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    Curing Tank Heater is designed to maintain water temperatures in Concrete Curing Tanks up to 350gal (1,325L) for proper curing of concrete specimens. The heater maintains the required concrete curing temperature of 73.4°F ±3°F (23°C ±1.7°C) when the ambient temperature is between 53°—72°F (12°—22°C).
    Humboldt H-2986A Precision Tank Heater
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    Gilson HM-651 Curing Tank Heater
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    Forney LA-1304 Curing Tank Heater
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    UTEST UTC-0954 Curing Tank Heater
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    These humidity cabinets have been designed specifically for the curing and storage of mortar prisms and cubes in 3-gang molds. They feature durable stainless steel construction with durable specimen shelves that stand up to the loading and unloading of molds. They feature durable stainless steel construction with durable specimen shelves that stand up to the loading and unloading of molds. Chambers are available with 3, 6 or 9 shelves. Each shelf will hold (4) 3-gang molds.
    Humboldt HC-3042.4F Humidity Curing Chamber
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    Gilson MA-236R Moist Cabinet
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