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    Deluxe Slump Test Set is a complete slump testing kit that includes a heavy-gauge spun steel slump cone, cast aluminum base plate, and 5/8x24in (16x610mm) steel tamping rod. In addition, it contains 58oz (1,715ml) Aluminum Round Bottom Sample Scoop, HM-53 Slump Cone Filling Funnel, 12ft (3.6m) Measuring Tape and 8in (203mm) Scrub Brush.
    Humboldt H-3645 Slump Test Set w/ Pan
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    Gilson HM-401 slump testing kit
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    Forney LAG-0030 Lab Slump Test Set
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    UTEST UTC-0400E Slump Test Set
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    DETAILS This set includes slump test components with a portable easy-to-carry base. The set includes a cast aluminum base plate, slump cone (standard steel), tamping rod with a 6-inch scale inscribed on handle and 16-ft tape measure. The base includes bolt-on clamps, which hold the slump cone securely during filling and rodding. The integral handle, attached to the base, can be rotated above the specimen once the cone has been removed and used as a guide to measure the slump.
    Humboldt H-3637 Slump Cone Set
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    Gilson HM-403 Slump Cone Set
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    Forney LA-0275-98 Slump Cone Set
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    The K-slump tester provides a fast approximate determination of slump and workability of wet concrete. Can be used to measure slump in buckets, wheelbarrows, ready-mix truck chutes, as well as in-place forms and test molds. The tester is capable of indicating a fairly accurate correlation to an actual slump test. The probe can also be used to determine the workability and the degree of compaction of fresh concrete. Includes correlation chart and instructions.
    Humboldt H-3643 K Slump Tester
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    Gilson HM-65 K-Slump Tester
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    Ball Penetration Apparatus (Kelly Ball) used to test the consistency of concrete using the penetration of a half sphere into plastic concrete. A 1" (2.5-centimeter) penetration by the kelly ball corresponds to about 2" (5 cm) of slump. The apparatus consists of 30 lb. (14kg) cylinder with hemispherically shaped bottom and handle. Stirrup or frame guides handle act as reference for measuring the depth of penetration. The stirrup handle is graduated in 0.25" (6.4mm) increments on one side and half-centimeter increments on the other side for measureing the depth of penetration.
    Humboldt H-3655 Kelly Ball Apparatus
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    Forney LA-0276 Kelly Ball Apparatus
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