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    The Humboldt Concrete GPR Scanner has been designed to find even the deepest targets while still providing high-resolution. The unit boasts the most diverse sensor suite on the market today. It can be used to locate rebar, power lines, cables, conduits, pipes, and voids. Dual-frequency GPR antennas insure high-resolution scans can be made without sacrificing penetration depth.
    Required item - HA-6200 Surface Pro Tablet Kit: This unit will come with Data Acquisition Software installed, Keyboard App installed and Sun Hood.
    Humboldt HC-6100A.3F Concrete Scanner
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  • PROCEQ GP8000

    The Proceq GP8000 portable ground penetrating radar (GPR) instrument is the beginning of a new era in NDT. The outstanding, patented ultra-wideband technology combined with a compact wireless probe delivers unmatched industry performance. Just connect to your iPad and detect objects and back walls reliably, with amazing clarity and ease of use. Shown with iPad (Not Included).
    Proceq GP8000 portable GPR
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    Humboldt HC-2967A Proceq GP8000
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    Gilson CT-150 Proceq GP8000
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  • PROCEQ GP8800

    Proceq GP8800 is yet another revolution by Proceq in concrete inspection and imaging. The rugged, lightweight Swiss Made probe packs our unique radar technology in a tiny footprint with gigantic clarity and depth. This makes it possible to locate rebar and tendon ducts by inspecting overhead, in tight spots, close to walls, from the edge of the slab—and in congested spaces, such as underneath pipes.
    Proceq GP8800 compact GPR
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    Humboldt HC-2968U Proceq GP8800, Pro
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    Humboldt HC-2968U.10 GP8800 Software
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    Gilson CT-150 Proceq GP8800 Pro
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