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    Concrete Reference Thermometer checks the calibration of devices used for temperature determinations in cement and concrete and complies with ASTM C 1064 and E 77. The thermometer is Mercury-filled with black engraved numbers against a yellow background for easy readability. The model is calibrated for 3in (76mm) immersion and includes a certificate with NIST traceability.
    Humboldt H-2605.64FC Certified Thermometer
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    Gilson MA-158 Reference Thermometer
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    Forney LA-05441 Concrete Thermometer
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    Test Mark CA-0805 Reference Thermometer
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    This big-digit, triple-display thermometer simultaneously shows the current, minimum and maximum temperatures and updates continuously. Provides internal and external sensors. And audible alarm will sound when the temperature rises above or falls below the settings. The minimum/maximum feature monitors critical temperatures for any period of time, such as overnight or weekends or testing parameter. The unit has a reset button on the front panel. Includes NIST traceable certificate. Battery included.
    Humboldt HT-4142A Min/Max Thermometer
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    Gilson MA-182 Max/Min Memory Thermometer
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    Test Mark CA-0791 Min/Max Thermometer
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    Traceable Pocket Thermometer has a temperature range of -58°—572°F (-50°—300°C). The flat profile design with stainless steel and plastic construction contains no glass or mercury components, making it safe for all laboratory tests. Overall Length is 10.75in (273mm) including probe guard. The Hold key freezes the display, and the thermometer is switchable from °F/°C. The large, bright LCD display is easy to read.
    Humboldt HT-4050U Digital Pocket Thermometer
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    Gilson MA-344 Traceable Pocket Thermometer
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    Forney LA-0502-02 Pocket Thermometer
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    Test Mark CA-0785 Digital Pocket Thermometer
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    Economical and accurate, this infrared laser thermometer is fast and easy to use. Provided with canvas case. Powered by 9V DC battery (included) with low battery indicator and auto power shutoff.Measuring Range: -50°C to 550°C / -58°F to 1022°F with accuracy of +/-2% or 2°C. °C/°F Selectable with High/Low Temperature Alarm Setup.
    Humboldt H-3593A Infrared Thermometer
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    Gilson MA-107 Infrared Laser Thermometer
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    Forney LA-0530-20 Infrared Digital Thermometer
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    Test Mark CA-0733-R Infrared Thermometer
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