Aggregate Sieving

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Air Jet Sieves

Stainless steel frames and cloth mesh, 200mm (7.87") diameter with rubber seal, overall height of 44.5mm (1 3/4") and depth to cloth of 28.6mm (1 1/8"). Each sieve has serial number.

Meets ASTM E-11; AASHTO M-92.
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Wet Wash Sieves

Seamless brass Sieves, 4in and 8in heights, 8in and 12in diameters. Retains soils and aggregate samples while washing fines through. Samples may be dried in the Sieve before weighing. Number 200 mesh; brass frame and brass cloth.
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USA Standard Sieves

Highest quality sieves with brass and stainless steel frames; cloth mesh (brass or stainless) in sizes from 4-inch mesh down to No. 635 mesh. Full height and half height frames (12 inch frames also come in intermediate height. Each sieve is packed with certification documents.
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Micron Air Jet Sieve Shaker

Used to provide fast, accurate particle size analysis for dry powders and fragile samples. unit is a single sieve shaker for 200mm (7.87") diameter sieves i the 20 to 4750 micron range. Unit includes: cast aluminum housing; electronic timer; slotted brass nozzle; plexiglass cover; pressure differential gauge built into the main body; portable vacuum system with a 4 gallon aluminum canister; 1100 watt-1 1/2 hp motor with 10ft anti-static hose and inlet coupler. Includes (5) disposable vacuum bags, (25) vacuum polyliners, (1) cotton microfilter, (1) AES polycomposite main fileter, plastic mallet and nylon brush.
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  • Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker

    The Ro-Tap has 278 oscillations and 150 taps per minute as specified for certain ASTM and other special sieving applications worldwide. Recommended particle size range from No. 4 to No. 635. The shaker bolts easily to any solid table. An adjustable-plate sieve support and built-in 99-minute x 0.1 sec. digital timer are included on all models. Models for 8" (203mm) sieves hold up to 6 full-ht. sieves and pan, or 13 half-ht. sieves and pan. Models for 12" (305mm) sieves hold 3 full-ht., 6 intermediate-ht. or 8 half-ht. sieves and pan.
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  • Motorized Sieve Shaker

    Used to agitate sieves for determining gradation in soils and finest modules in aggregates. Unique orbital motion ensures precise gradation. Quick release adjustable clamps secure sieves firmly in position. Hold feature on the 15-minute timer permits continuous agitation. Holds up to eight sieves plus a dust pan and accepts either eight or twelve inch sieves.
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  • Testing Screen Shaker

    Testing Screen Shaker is designed for grading aggregate from 4 to No. 4 and will also graduate down to No. 200. Screen Shakers are constructed of rugged steel for long, dependable service. Sturdy steel outer frame encloses a vibrating unit that consists of a series of interlocking spacers for screen tray support and separation. Screen Shakers have few moving parts for less maintenance problems. Screen Shakers come standard with five coarse screens and dustpan. Screen Shaker is supplied with starting switch and 1/3hp capacitor type motor with a built in overload protector.
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  • Sample Splitter

    Patented combination of adjustable chutes and gate release hoppers assures top accuracy for mixing and reducing gross samples to representative smaller test quantities. Universal Splitters are convenient, space-saving, and cost-effective. A single model serves the purpose of two or more conventional splitters. Since the hoppers have a gate release, only the included sample collecting pans are necessary for proper use; but extras are available. Most models have 60 chute slopes; other models have simple, inexpensive Adapter Kits to convert standard 45 chutes to 60 when necessary for flowability or to meet specifications (recommended for coal and coke). Splitters are mostly of stainless steel; other models are heavy-gauge painted steel which has been forced air dried.
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