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  • Motorized Sieve Shaker

    Large Economy Motorized Sieve Shaker can be used with 8", 10" and 12" sieves. It can handle up to eleven 8" sieves, seven 10" sieves, seven 12" full-height sieves, nineteen half-height 8" sieves or thirteen half-height 12" sieves. This shaker uses a 1/4 hp motor with a 30-minute timer. Unit should be bolted to bench for correct operation.
    Humboldt H-4330 Large Economy Shaker
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    Test Mark CA-1506 Motorized sieve shaker
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    UTEST UTG-0328 Motorized sieve shaker
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  • 8 & 12in Sieve Shaker

    8 & 12in Tapping Sieve Shakers delivers sharp, repeatable separations quickly over a broad range of particle sizes and material types. The exclusive Gilson circular rotation is superior to inefficient back-and-forth actions that create dead spots and prevent complete separation. Particles roll in all directions while up-taps reorient and redistribute particles to present new orientations to sieve surfaces. Down-taps help near-size particles clear the mesh openings.
    Gilson S-12R Tapping Sieve Shaker
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    Test Mark CA-1510 8" & 12" Shaker
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  • Ro-Tap® Sieve Shaker

    The Ro-Tap sieve shaker provides a compact design and aggressive sieving action. This shaker provides 278 oscillations and 150 taps per minute to produce an effective sieving action. It is powered by a 1/4 hp motor and provides a built-in 99 minute step-down timer. RO-TAP® is a registered trademark of Haver Tyler Corporation
    Humboldt H-4322 Ro-Tap® 12" Shaker      Get Pricing      Get Information
    Humboldt H-4320 Ro-Tap® 8" Shaker      Get Pricing      Get Information
    Gilson SS-31 Ro-Tap® 12" Shaker      Get Pricing      Get Information
    Gilson SS-30 Ro-Tap® 8" Shaker      Get Pricing      Get Information
    UTEST UTG-0326 Ro-Tap® 8" Shaker      Get Pricing      Get Information


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