Aggregate Durability and Abrasion

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Durability Index Apparatus

Durability Index measures relative resistance of an aggregate to producing clay-like fines when subjected to mechanical agitation in a special washing vessel. Resulting fines material is evaluated using sand equivalent apparatus listed elsewhere. The versatile Gilson SS-18 Agitator runs at 285 CPM. It may also be used as a sieve shaker for up to 6 sieves and pan when not used for durability tests. Holes are provided in case flanges for securing shaker to floor or bench. Switch, cord, and plug are provided; order timer and wash vessel separately. The SSA-22 stainless steel wash vessel is approx. 8" (203mm) diam. x 9-1/2" (241mm) high and is complete with lid, gasket, and clamps. Agitator measures 16x14x30" WxDxH (406x356x762mm). Shipping Data: 65 lb (29.5kg); Cu. Ft.: 8.5 for Agitator, and 4 lb (1.8kg); Cu. Ft.: 0.5 for Wash Vessel.
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  • Micro-Deval Apparatus

    The increasingly popular Micro-Deval test measures abrasion resistance and durability of mineral aggregates in the 9.5 to 19mm size range. In practice, a presoaked coarse aggregate sample is placed in a sealed stainless steel jar with a 5000g abrasive charge of 9.5mm diameter stainless steel balls and water, then rotated at 100 rpm for two hours. Aggregate quality is determined by percentage loss in gradation results at completion of the cycle. Smaller equipment size, lower sample quantities and a simpler procedure make the method easier and less costly to perform than traditional methods. A provisional AASHTO standard is currently in effect and an ASTM specification is under development. The MD-2000 meets current Canadian and provisional AASHTO standards, as well as more stringent Texas DOT requirements.
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  • Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

    The Los Angeles Abrasion Machine tests crushed rock, slag and gravel samples for resistance to abrasion by rotating a sample of aggregate material with steel charges for a specified period of time. Features welded, heavy-duty design manufactured for easy retrofit of our Quiet Roll sound baffle.
    Heavy-duty steel drum assembly is rotated by a 1 h.p. totally enclosed motor assembly for safety. Quarter-turn handles and programmable digital counter help to increase operator efficiency. Material catch pan and set of 12 standard abrasion charges are included.
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  • Aggregate Abrasion Machine

    The Aggregate Abrasion Machine measures resistance of aggregate to surface wear by abrasion. The twin-specimen testing machine has a 600mm diameter steel lap wheel which rotates horizontally at 28-30 rpm while 700-900 g/min. of abrasive is continuously fed to the contact between the wheel and two molded aggregate specimens. Specimens are prepared in 92x54x16mm machined, metal molds from sized aggregate pieces that are held flat side down with hardened polyester resin. After molding, specimens are fitted into 92x54x16mm machined metal trays and mounted in the machine opposite each other. Each test specimen and holding tray has an added weight to adjust the combined mass to 2kg (4.4 lb). After 500 revolutions, the machine stops via the counter shut-off, and the percentage loss in mass of the aggregate is determined. The steel lap wheel is machined flat and mounted on a precision ground shaft in grease-sealed ball bearings, driven from a grease-filled gearbox and housed in an enameled steel case with hinged safety lid. Rotating scraper blades collect used abrasive from the lap wheel for recycling. Two adjustable weights and two abrasives feeders are provided.
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