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  • California Bearing Ratio Load Frame

    Humboldt Load Frames are specifically designed to handle CBR and LBR applications. Its heavy-duty design and precise stepper-motor control provides a stable platform for years of reliable service. From educational institutions and consulting firms to high-volume commercial labs and construction projects. Also listed are the accessories needed to perform CBR tests.
    Humboldt HM-5150A CBR Load Frame
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    HM-2300.100 10,000lbf Load Cell
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    HM-2305.10 Linear Transducer
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    H-4178 Penetration Piston
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    HM-2305BRT Transducer Bracket
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    HM-5001SW LBR Software
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  • Gilson CBR Load Frame

    Gilson CBR Field Tests measure the strength of in-place soils and base course materials, In CBR Lab tests soil specimens at specific moisture contents are compacted into molds. Sample preparation prior to testing may include soaking and addition of surcharge weights to the molded specimens. The penetration test is carried out in a Load Frame outfitted with a Penetration Piston and other CBR test components listed below:
    Gilson HM-397 CBR Load Frame
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    Gilson HM-416 Load Cell Kit
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    Gilson HMA-685D Component Set
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    Gilson BRA-31 Penetration Piston
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    Gilson BRA-34 Load Cell Holder
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    Gilson HMA-609 CBR/LBR Software
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  • Humboldt CBR field test

    Humboldt CBR field test set is designed for making CBR determinations in the field and is built around a modified H-4156 load frame. CBR field testing can quickly yield a relative strength determination without having to rely on lab tests. Field tests involve forcing a piston into the soil and comparing the depth of penetration in relation to the load placed on the piston. Typically, the reaction load used for field testing is a heavy piece of equipment, such as a loaded dump truck. Gear box is 2-speed model with a 10,000lbf (45kN) capacity and 3.5 inches of lift. The use of the extension and connector set provides sufficient flexibility for almost any type of height requirement.
    Humboldt H-4152F CBR Field Test Set
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  • Gilson Field CBR Test Set

    Gilson Field CBR Test Set contains all the components needed to perform field California Bearing Ratio tests for in-situ strength determinations of soils. Two models are available, each equipped with a loading jack and manual crank. Each Test Set also includes 2,000lbf and 5,000lbf Load Rings with dial gauges, Swivel Base for the Jack, Penetration Piston with Connector and Extension Sets, two 10lb and two 20lb Surcharge weights, 10lb/10in diameter Surcharge Plate, Support Bridge, and Dial Indicator with magnetic holder
    Gilson BR-12 Field Test Set
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