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Void Content Apparatus

Apparatus for uncompacted void content of coarse aggregate utilizes a scaled-up apparatus and procedure similar to that used for evaluation of fine aggregate as used in Superpave HMA applications. When measured on a coarse aggregate of known gradation, void content provides an indication of angularity, sphericity, and surface texture compared to other aggregates of the same grading. As concluded in NCAT’s work on NCHRP Project 4-19, test results relate to HMA permanent deformation and fatigue cracking. The test has therefore been recommended to evaluate aggregates for HMA pavement.
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  • Sand Equivalent Shaker

    Mechanical motor driven shaker for use when performing sand equivalent tests. Synchronous gear drive assures 175 +/- 2 stroke per minute accuracy eliminating errors inherent in hand shaking. Direct drive means no belts to replace and less maintenance between tests. 3-position electronic timer has presets for 45 seconds, 10 minutes and continuous. Available in 115v and 220v models.
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  • Sand Equivalent Hand Shaker

    Spring Type hand shaker is more operator-dependent than mechanical models, but conforms exactly to ASTM, AASHTO and California test methods. Unit has cylinder mounting bracket suspended by 2 steel straps. Operator manually oscillates cylinder via steel straps to a preset mark on the case at proper rate. Digital counter records stroke counts. Components are mounted in a vinyl-covered, plywood case with reinforced corners, removable front and a top handle. Dimensions: 24x6x25" WxDxH (610x152x635mm).
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  • Sand Equivalent Test Set

    The sand equivalent test set is used to rapidly determine the relative proportions of clay-like or plastic fines and dust in granular soil and fine aggregates that pass the No. 4 sieve. The test may be performed in the laboratory or field. Test set consists of (4) graduated plastic measuring cylinders, irrigator tube, weighted foot assembly, 8oz stock solution, siphon assembly, clamp, wide-mouth funnel and 3oz measuring can. Unit can be ordered with or without case.
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  • Length and Thickness Gauges

    Length and Thickness Gauges for Classification of Aggregate Particles. These sheet metal gauges are used for determination of flakiness index and elongation index.
    Proportional Caliper Device use to determine the percentage of flat particles, elongated particles, or both flat & elongated particles in coarse aggregates. Steel construction for strength & durability, plated for corrosion resistance. 6x16" (152.4x406.4mm) base plate with four rubber feet for stability, and for convenience in tabletop testing.
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  • The Length gauge has brass pins set in a brass bar with stamped sieve fraction ranges between pins. The bar is mounted on a finished wooden base.
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  • Thickness gauge is enameled sheet metal with clearly marked sieve fraction ranges for each slot.
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  • Munsell Soil Color Chart

    Munsell Soil Color Charts were developed with the U.S. Soil Conservation Service for classifying color of various soils, but they may also be used for rocks, archeological specimens, and other natural products. Charts are a standard tool for geologists, civil engineers, and soil scientists. Basic Set has 251 color chips mounted on 7 neutral gray 7.25x4.25" (184x108mm) chart pages in a pocket loose-leaf binder. Charts are in 7 basic red to yellow hues and include the Gley Chart. The Gley Chart for submerged soils covers weak chromas and neutrals of blue and green hues. Openings are cut between chips for easy visual comparison with soil samples. Masks, color name diagrams and instructions are furnished.
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