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  • Humboldt Specific Gravity Bench Sets

    The Humboldt H-2717 SG compact specific gravity bench set includes our compact bench, a 10-gallon polyethylene tank with a drain valve and overflow port. It also comes with a H-2712A.6, 200-watt, durable tank heater and circulating pump, both of which are attached to a stainless steel mounting bracket that holds both securely to the tank. The compact specific gravity bench includes two sample containers. Bench scale sold separately.
    The Humboldt H-2713B specific gravity weighing bench set includes our deluxe bench, a H-2712 specific gravity tank kit with heater and circulating pump.
    Weigh-below scale separately.
    Humboldt H-2717 SG Bench Set
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    Humboldt H-2713B Delux SG Set
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  • Gilson Specific Gravity Bench

    Gilson Specific Gravity Bench allows easy suspended weighing of samples in water for relative density determinations of aggregates, hardened concrete, bituminous mixtures, refractory brick, and similar materials. The bench is sturdy, heavy-gauge painted steel, and features three 2in diameter holes in the top balance platform for weigh-below hook suspension of samples and thermometers. Lower support serves as a shelf for optional Plastic Water Tanks.
    Gilson SG-20 SG Bench
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    Gilson OBX-512 Balance Scale
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    Gilson SGA-120 30gal SG Water Tank
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    Gilson SGA-122 44gal SG Water Tank
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    Gilson HM-649 EZ Mount Heater/Circulator
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    Gilson SG-7A #8 SS Wire Mesh Basket
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  • Forney Specific Gravity Bench Set

    The Forney Specific Gravity Bench Set with hole to accommodate hook for weigh-below scales and a crank-operated shelf that lets you bring the water tank up to the sample, making for easier sample immersion. The set includes 30 gal. polyethylene tank (18 x 18 x 18 inches) with drain valve and overflow port.
    Forney LA-2175-03 SG Bench Set
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    Forney LA-2175-07-01 SG Tank Heater
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    Forney LA-0520-05 SG wire basket
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  • Test Mark Industries SG Bench

    Test Mark Specific Gravity Bench is for weighing suspended samples in water to determine specific gravity of aggregates and other materials. Bench top is 31" x 25" (787 x 635 mm) with three 2" (51 mm) dia. holes for suspension of samples and thermometer. Bottom shelf is adjustable to fit tanks either 18" (457 mm) or 24" (610 mm) deep. Order tanks separately.
    Test Mark CA-2740 SG Bench
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    Test Mark SC-0265 Weigh Below Scale
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    Test Mark CA-2742 30gal SG Water Tank
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    Test Mark CA-2744 44gal SG Water Tank
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    Test Mark CA-2745 SG Heater/Circulator
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    Test Mark CA-2730 SS Wire Mesh Basket
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