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  • James Instruments Aggrameter

    The NDT James Instruments Aggrameter utilizes the latest microwave and microprocessor technology to measure moisture content in various fine and coarse-grained materials. The prongs of the probe are inserted into the material to be tested and the percentage of moisture content is instantaneously shown on the easy to read display. The Aggrameter comes calibrated for both sand and aggregate, and can be programmed by the user for up to ten different materials. The Aggrameter can store more than 150 readings – complete with time and date for future reference.
    NDT James T-T-100 Aggrameter
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    Humboldt H-4978 Aggrameter
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    Forney LA-3399 Aggrameter
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  • James Instruments Aquameter

    The James Instruments Aquameter™ utilizes the latest electronic technology to measure the quantity of water within its sensing field. The unit has two modes of operation the pin mode, and search mode. In the pin mode, two pins are pushed into the material and a high frequency field is created between these two pins. In the search mode the unit uses a high frequency capacitive sensor to sample a large volume of the material, instantaneously. Changes in this electromagnetic field are directly proportional to the dielectric constant of the material through which it passes. As the dielectric constant of water is almost two orders of magnitude greater than most non-metallic materials, variations in this parameter can be correlated to the moisture content.
    NDT James T-M-170 Aquameter
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  • James Instruments Aquaprobe

    The James Aquaprobe™ represents a break-through in modern moisture measurement technology. By utilizing the latest microwave and microprocessor technology, the Aquaprobe™ can determine the soil moisture content of different types of soils and other fine aggregate. Simply insert the five prongs in the soil to be measured and review the percentage moisture on display. A special guide is supplied to assist the user with inserting the prongs in particularly dense soil.
    NDT James T-S-30 Soil Moisture Meter
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  • James Instruments Cementometer

    The James Cementometer™ represents a break-through in modern moisture measurement technology. By utilizing the latest microwave and microprocessor science, the Cementometer™ can determine the moisture content of freshly mixed cement, concrete, and mortar. Simply insert the prongs of the probe into the material to be measured and instantaneously the water cement ratio is shown on the easy to read display. The Type R ™ is for standard range water/cement ratios and the Type L ™ is for low range water/cement ratios.
    NDT James T-C-10 Cementometer Type R
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    NDT James T-C-20 Cementometer Type L
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    Humboldt HC-4972 Cementometer Type R
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  • Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester

    The Series 2000 Speedy® moisture tester is a portable system for measuring the moisture content of a wide range of materials including soils, aggregates, dust and powders (and liquids). The system consists of a low pressure vessel fitted with a pressure gauge and an electronic scale and test accessories. Moisture measurements are made by mixing a weighed sample of the material with a calcium carbide reagent in the sealed pressure vessel. The reagent reacts chemically with water in the sample, producing acetylene gas that in turn increases the pressure within the vessel.
    Humboldt H-4967 Speedy® 2000
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    Gilson MA-25 Speedy® 2000
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    Forney LA-3405 Speedy® 2000
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    Test Mark SA-0250 Speedy® 2000
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    UTEST UTS-0155 Speedy Tester
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  • Ohaus Moisture Analyzer

    Ohaus MB120 Moisture Analyzers quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of soils, aggregates, and virtually any other substances from the difference in weight before and after drying. Samples are weighed then quickly heated with the halogen dryer unit until the moisture vaporizes. Upon completion of drying, results are displayed as % moisture content, % solids, weight or % regain with 0.01% accuracy.
    Forney HO-4971 Moisture Analyzer
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    Gilson OB-45M Moisture Analyzer
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