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  • Soil Compaction Hammers

    Manual, Proctor, moisture/density compaction Hammer meets AASHTO specs. It incorporates a 10 lb (4.5kg) weight and a drop of 18" (457mm) with a 2" (51) face. Guide sleeve has four vent holes in each end of sleeve to release built-up air pressure. Machined Steel, plated for rust resistance. Features resilient rubber ball handle.
    Humboldt H-4170B Compaction Hammer
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    Gilson HM-551 Compaction Hammer
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    Forney LA-3105 Compaction Hammer
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    Test Mark SA-0130 Compaction Hammer
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    UTEST UTAS-0676 Compaction Hammer
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  • Soil Compaction Mold, 6"

    Compaction mold with a volume of 1/10th ft3,. Cold-rolled steel tubing, plated for rust resistance. Mold dimensions are 6" ID x 6.1" H with a 2.5" detachable collar. Includes detachable base plate (8" x 8" x 0.5" thick), studs and wing nuts.
    Humboldt H-4159 6" Compaction Mold
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    Gilson HMA-116 6in Soil Density Mold
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    Forney LA-3610-09 6 Inch Mold
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    Test Mark SA-0109 6in Proctor Mold
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    UTEST UTAS-0646 6in Marshall Mold
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  • Soil Compaction Split Mold, 4"

    Soil Compaction 4 Inch Split Molds are split longitudinally for easy sample removal. All molds have detachable extension collar and base plate. The molds are plated to resist corrosion. Two threaded hold-down studs with quick release wing nuts secure the molds to the base plate.
    Humboldt H-4225 4 inch Split Mold
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    Gilson HMA-954 4in Soil Split Mold
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    Forney LA-3001 4in Soil Split Mold
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    Test Mark SA-0100-S 4" Split Mold
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    UTEST UTAS-0641A 4in Marshall Mold
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  • Automatic Mechanical Soil Compactor

    The Mechanical Soil Compactor automatically compacts and rotates mold after each blow while keeping track of the number of hammer blows and shutting off once a preset number of blows is reached. The start/stop function of the compactor is independent of the counter. Hammer lift compensates the height of the drop for soil thickness in the mold during compaction. Hammer weight is concentrated at the foot, allowing free fall of the hammer. Hammer changes are made from in front of the compactor.
    Humboldt H-4169 Soil Compactor
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    Gilson HM-530 Soil Compactor
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    Forney LA-3610 Soil Compactor
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    Test Mark SA-2250 Soil Compactor
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