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  • Hand-Operated Sample Ejector

    Designed for lab and field use to extract soil samples from 4" and 6" compaction molds, as well as 2" and 2.8" tube samples. The ejection force is generated by means of a 3-ton (27.7kN) capacity, hand-operated hydraulic jack. The cast-aluminum ejector head assembly can be positioned at different heights through the use of quick release pins. This enables the operator to easily match the ejection travel to the height of the mold being used.
    Humboldt H-4155A Hand Sample Ejector
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    Gilson HM-516 Hand Sample Ejector
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    Test Mark SA-0113 Sample Ejector
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    UTEST UTGE-0080 Sample Extruder
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  • Horizontal Hydraulic Sample Ejector

    Hydraulically driven horizontal sample ejector designed for rapid ejection of 3" (76.2mm) x 30" (762mm) thin-wall sample tubes (Shelby Tubes). The Horizontal Sample Ejector provides a smooth and easily controlled piston stroke providing easy and rapid handling of ejected samples. The unit's hydraulic system accurately controls the horizontal piston's 5600lbf (24.9kN) force to eject samples smoothly. Ejector uses 1.7gpm hydraulic pump powered by a 1hp electric motor.
    Humboldt H-4185 Horizontal Ejector
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    Gilson HM-524 Hydraulic Ejector
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    Forney LA-3648-02 Horizontal Ejector
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