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Pocket Penetrometer

Lightweight direct reading penetrometer gives instant information for classification of cohesive soils on site or in the lab. Use is required by OSHA for trenching and excavation work. The spring-operated device has a 1/4" (6.4mm) diam. loading piston that is pushed into the soil up to a calibration groove machined on the piston 1/4" from the end. The permanent scale on the piston barrel reads approximate unconfined compressive strength in tons per ft2 or kg per cm2. An indicator sleeve retains reading after piston is released. Spring is calibrated and plated for rust resistance. Complete penetrometer weighs only 2 oz. (57g); diam. is 3/4" (19mm) and length is 6" (152mm). Adapter Foot Attachment of 1" diameter has 16 times the piston area, for soft soils.
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  • Dial Pocket Geoteser Penetrometer

    The Pocket Geotester dial penetrometer set is ideal for on-site measurement of soil strength. It gives estimated unconfined compressive strength directly in TSF or kg/cm2 when used with the standard 1/4" diam. plunger. In addition, readings with four other plungers of 10, 15, 20 and 25mm diam. give strengths over a range of cohesive soil types.
    The plunger is pressed into the soil to the calibration notch. The maximum value is retained on the dial until released by a push button. Inner dial scale is 0-6.0 x 0.1 divs. in TSF or kg/cm2. Outer scale gives shear strength over 0-11 kg range x 0.1 kg divs., and this reading is used with charts provided to estimate bearing pressures depending on plunger used and soil type.
    Geotester has large 2.5" (63mm) dial and sturdy noncorrosive construction. Dial is user-calibrated using register plates provided and any reliable scale of 10-15 lb. capacity. Penetrometer is complete with stainless steel plungers in carrying case with instructions, data tables, and register plates. Net wt. is 13 oz. (369g); length is 5.4" (138mm); Cu. Ft.: 0.1.
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  • Dynamic Cone (Scala) penetrometer Set

    The Dual-Mass, Scala, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP), provides fast, economical, accurate, in-place soil shear strength in mm/blow and an indication of different strength layers. Patented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, this instrument can penetrate soils to depths of 37.5" (953mm) or up to 6ft. (1.8,) with an extension. Correlations of the rate of penetration to CBR (California Bearing Ratio) are in the User’s Manual. The system consists of an 8 kg stainless steel two-part hammer assembly, stainless steel upper rod, stainless anvil, new segmented lower rod with flats, stainless steel lower rod, reusable hardened point, disposable cone adapter, one auger head, one auger T-handle, four 36" auger extensions. A sliding attachment facilitates one-person operation. Meets ASTM D6951.
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  • Static Cone Penetrometer

    Designed for evaluating soil consistency, compaction, and bearing capacity of foundations and pavement subgrades, the Static Cone Penetrometer yields accurate results, especially from fine-grained, soft soils. Gravel and rocks in the soil can cause misleading readings.
    Operation involves pressing the Penetrometer into the soil 6 inches, taking a reading, pulling back until the gauge reads zero pressure, advancing another 6 inches, taking another reading. Continue in this manner until the entire depth is evaluated.
    Penetrometer is constructed of two rods. The inner rod is connected to the cone tip and is independent of the outer rod. Friction of soil along the shaft of the outer 4-ft. Starter Rod does not affect the inner rod's function. The load on the cone is transferred via the inner rod to the hydraulic load cell in the head assembly. The pressure gauge reads the cone stress directly.
    Maximum area of the 60° cone is 1.5cm2. Outer rod is high strength chrome alloy tubing. Inner rod is ground 316 stainless steel. Shaft assembly is designed for a maximum of 250 lbf axial force. The gauge's range is 0 to 70 kgf/cm2. Halve the readings when the 3cm2 cone is used.
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  • Proctor Penetrometer

    The Proctor Penetrometer is used for determining the penetration resistance of fine-grained soils. The unit consists of a special calibrated spring dynamometer with a pressure-indicating scale on the stem of the handle.The pressure scale is calibrated to 100 lbs. by 1 lb. subdivisions.There is a major division located at each 10 lb. interval. A sliding ring on the stem indicates the maximum load obtained during the test.
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  • Acme Penetrometer

    Acme Penetrometer Apparatus is used to determine setting times of asphalt binders by measuring the penetration resistance. Suitable for lab and field testing. A binder sample is placed in a container and stored at a specified temperature. It is tested at regular intervals with standard penetration needles. Resistance is plotted to determine initial and final setting times. Penetrometer’s new design makes it easier to operate, more efficient, with a longer gear rack. All needles are one length so settings may remain the same. Loads are applied hydraulically with pressures read on a 200 lbf (890N) capacity gauge graduated in 2 lbf divisions. Set of six needles allow multiplication to maximum 8000 lbf. reading.
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