Soil Shear Testing

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Direct/Residual Shear Machine

Data on shear displacement give design engineers valuable information for evaluating bearing capacity and stability of soils. The test can be performed on all types of soils, undisturbed or remolded. A carefully-sized specimen is placed in a rigid box that is split horizontally. A confining vertical (normal) stress and a horizontal shear force are applied to the specimen by moving one half of the shear box. After direct shearing failure in one direction, residual shear resistance may be measured by application of shear force in the opposite direction. Direct/Residual Shear Machines offered by Gilson all have 2000 lbf (8.9kN) shear stress capacity, and all have user–selectable parameters as follows:
  • Total travel in either direction up to 0.9" (23mm);
  • Strain rate (speed of shear movement) from 0.00003 to 0.15"(0.0007 to 3.8mm) per minute
  • Pneumatic vertical (normal) stress from 0 to 2000 lbf (8.9kN).
  • Shearing motion continues at selected speed, reversing direction as each travel limit is reached until test is terminated. All models have digital readout of shear and normal stresses and strain rate.
  • Gilson HM-2560    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Humboldt H-4202    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Dead Weight Direct/Residual Shear Machine

    The Dead Weight Direct/Residual Shear Machine is a motorized, dead weight soil shear testing machine. This instrument is designed for direct and residual shear testing of undisturbed and remolded samples of consolidated drained and undrained soils. A solid 1-1/4" (32mm) base for the loading and shear box assembly is mounted on a sturdy steel cabinet. Cabinet legs are constructed of steel angle with holes for easy floor mounting. The compact, self-contained unit is built for harsh laboratory environments and requires little floor space.
    The unit consists of a 10:1 beam loading device, a load cell with digital readout for measuring shear force and dial indicators to indicate vertical and shear displacement. Optional displacement transducers with digital readouts provide analog output to user’s data acquisition system. The Displacement Transducer has 1" (25.4 mm) range and 0.0001" (0.0025mm) resolution. A stepper motor drive controls the strain rate within 1%, and is easily adjustable using digital thumb wheel controls. The strain rate can be set from 0.0001 to 0.3"/min (.0025 to 7.62mm/min). Maximum shear displacement is 0.8" (20.3mm). Vertical load capacity is 1411 lb (640kg) and maximum horizontal shear force is 1500 lbf (6672 N)
  • Gilson HM-380R    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Geovane Soil Shear Strength Tester

    The Geovane Soil Shear Strength Tester has been developed after extensive research, field-testing and trials. The Geovane is a hand-held instrument used for determination of solid shear strength and gives a result to the user in kPa, through a calibration chart. The device is simple to use. A 19mm vane blade is screwed into the base of the Geovane and the vane is pushed into the soil. Simply rotate the Geovane at a rate of 1 revolution per minute and take a reading off the face when the soil fails. A pointer stays in place when failure occurs so all you have to do is look up the reading from the face on the supplied calibration chart to get your reading in kPa from zero to 200. Through the use of the optional 33mm vane, readings can be measured between the range of zero to 40kPa. Extension rods are available to increase the depth measurement capabilities of the unit.
  • Humboldt H-4221    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Torvane Shear Tester Set

    Torvane rapidly measures approximate shear strength of cohesive soils in the field or laboratory. May be used for place testing of test pits or trenches, ends of thin-walled tube samples or with undisturbed samples with a flat 2" (51mm) dia. surface available. Dial range of 0-1.0x0.05kg/cm2 is read directly when using standard vane. Multiply readings by 0.2 and 2.5 ratiis when using large (sensitive) and small (high-capacity) vanes. Set includes driver, three vanes (standard, large and small) of different shear strength ranges and lightweight carrying case.
  • Humboldt H-4212M    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson HM-504A    Get Pricing       Get Information


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