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  • Dead-Weight Consolidation Frame

    Dead-Weight Consolidation Load Frame has a test application of loads in stress-controlled soil consolidation testing of soil specimens. The advanced load frame design allows instantaneous loading with minimal impact for determining expected soil settlement. or compaction testing and retain their intrinsic strength after removal from loading pressures, such as clay or cemented soils.
    Humboldt HM-1100A Consolidation Frame
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    Gilson HM-353 Consolidation Frame
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    Forney LA-3650 Consolidation Frame
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  • Automated Soil Consolidation System

    Humboldt's ConMatic Incremental Pressure Controller (IPC) is a fully-automated for performing incremental consolidation and one-dimensional swell tests. The ConMatic IPC allows consolidation, constant load and volume swell tests to be run automatically, freeing up technicians for other tasks and reducing the duration of the testing procedures by more than half—effectively saving time and manpower and increasing lab profitability. One ConMatic IPC automated system can replace the production of several manual machines— running incremental consolidation tests according to ASTM D2435 Method B, where successive load increments are applied after 100% primary consolidation.
    Humboldt HM-5470.3F ConMatic IPC Consolidation System
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  • Pneumatic Consolidation Load Frames

    Pneumatic Consolidation Load Frames have Karol-Warner’s exclusive CONBEL™ design with pneumatic loading meets the most rigorous demands of soil testing labs. All instantaneously apply and maintain loads for precision consolidation testing and feature low-load functionality for precision application of small confining loads. Loads are applied pneumatically and maintained by a precision pressure regulator.
    Gilson HM-356 62psi Consolidation Load Frame
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    Gilson HM-354 123psi Consolidation Load Frame
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    Gilson HM-355 188psi Consolidation Load Frame
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  • Combination Consolidation Load Frames

    Combination dead weight and pneumatic consolidation load frame maintains set load independent of sample compression within loading interval. Design features over the side dead weight mechanism for loads from 100 to 3200 psf. All weights are included. Pneumatic piston used for 16, 32 or 64 tsf (62, 123 or 188 psi) loads. Design features a low-bleed Fairchild regulator to set and maintain load.
    Forney LA-3650-13 62 psi Consolidation Load Frame
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    Forney LA-3650-14 123 psi Consolidation Load Frame
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    Forney LA-3650-15 188 psi Consolidation Load Frame
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