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Hydraulic Permeability Sets

The rate of discharge of water under laminar flow conditions through a unit cross-sectional area of a porous medium under a unit hydraulic gradient and standard (20°C) temperature conditions. In permeability testing, soil is subjected to water under a known pressure, and the flow is measured. The coefficient of permeability (k), or simply permeability, expresses the ability of water to flow through the a particular medium.
The “Constant Head” test method is applicable to course granular soils such as sands and gravels. The “Falling Head” test method is applicable to fine grain soils. Either method may be used to test clay soils.
FlexPanel Series
FlexPanel pressure distribution panels are used for triaxial and permeability testing of standard or contaminated soil samples, including soils containing hazardous or toxic waste. Meets ASTM D5084; BS 1377 Part 6 1990.
  • Humboldt HM-4160A, HM-4140 & HM-4150
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  • Permeability Control Panel

    Knowledge of hydraulic conductivity characteristics of soils is essential in today’s environmentally regulated world of waste facilities, landfills and holding ponds. Permeability studies normally require multiple remolded or undisturbed samples tested at various moisture contents and unit weights and are very time consuming. Several Permeability Control Panels and Flexible Wall Permeability Chambers are often used at once to facilitate efficient testing.
    The Permeability Control Panel combines precise control, logical layout, and quality components for accuracy and ease of operation. One panel may be configured as a master panel when fitted with the optional HMA-505 Digital Pressure Gauge with LCD display. Additional panels may be added, using the pressure readout from the master panel. Precision regulators and valves set and control accurate cell, top and bottom burette pressures during saturation, consolidation and testing phases of the permeability test.
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  • Flexwall Permeability Chambers

    FlexWall Permeability Test Chamber is designed for 2.8" (71mm) diameter soil samples and can also be used for 4" (102mm) samples with optional Pedestal and Cap Adapter set. Other sizes are available. Chambers have 150 psi maximum operating pressure and are supplied with sample caps, pedestals and porous stones. The acrylic sample cap includes two drain ports and a groove for securely sealing the latex membranes with o-rings. The pedestal has flow-through lines and is keyed to prevent turning and pinching the tubing during installation. Test chambers are fitted with brass valves and Swagelock™ fittings. All aluminum parts are anodized for improved corrosion resistance.
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  • Humboldt HM-4188B    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • De-Airing Water Tank

    For use with FlexWall and FlexPanel Triaxial/Permeability Panels. Cast acrylic chamber, 6 dia. x 16"H (152x406mm). Head plate mounted with three fittings. Two are modified to allow 1/4" tubing to pass through to tank bottom, one for filling with tap water and the other for extracting the water once de-aired. The third fitting is used to connect vacuum/ pressure to tank.
  • Humboldt HM-4175    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson HMA-520    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Compaction Permeameter

    Two sizes of Compaction Permeameters are offered. The instruments are used for either constant head or falling head studies on undisturbed, compacted or remolded soils. They may by used with or without collar. Upper plates of the units have inlet/outlet connector and overflow valves for air removal. Base plates have inlet/outlet connectors. A porous stone filter is provided, and steel parts are plated for resistance and long life.
  • Humboldt H-4145    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson HM-36    Get Pricing       Get Information

  • Guelph Permeameter Kit

    Hydraulic conductivity and soil sorptivity are quickly calculated from water flow rates measured from two constant head levels using the HM-127 Permeameter. The lightweight unit with foam-lined carrying case is easy to assemble and use on site. Only 2.5 liters of water are needed, and results are obtained by one person in 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on soil type.
    Permeameter parts are durable and corrosion-proof for trouble-free on-site assembly with watertight fits. The outer reservoir is of high-impact clear polycarbonate, and the inner reservoir tube has precise mm graduations for accurate flow measurements. The Kit is supplied complete with Permeameter, tripod stand, soil auger, sizing auger, well prep brush, vacuum test hand pump, water container, data sheets, carrying case, and instructions.
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  • Double-Ring Infiltrometer

    The Double-Ring Infiltrometer is used for in-place field measurement of rate of infiltration of water (or other liquid) into soils. The method is particularly applicable to fine-grained soils. Infiltration rates give data for studies of liquid waste disposal, leaching and drainage, irrigation requirements, canal or reservoir leakage, etc.
    Concentric 20 in. (508mm) high cylinders of 12" (305mm) and 24" (610mm) diameter are driven several inches into the soil using a special driving cap provided. The rings are filled with water and the level is maintained by measured additions using constant level float valves. Velocity of liquid passing to the soil from the inner ring is equivalent to the infiltration rate. Water between the two rings promotes one-dimensional vertical flow beneath the inner ring.
  • Humboldt HM-4502    Get Pricing       Get Information
  • Gilson HM-128    Get Pricing       Get Information


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