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  • Soil Permeability Cells

    Flexible Wall Permeability Cells meet ASTM D5084 test standards for laboratory permeability testing and measuring the hydraulic conductivity of fine-grained soils and other such materials that have been saturated with water. The cells are equipped with a heavy-wall clear acrylic chamber, anodized aluminum bases, and caps, and can be selected with brass or stainless steel fittings. Specify size in the Comments below (35, 38, 50, 70 and 100 mm or 1.4, 1.5, 2, 2.8 and 4 inch).
    Humboldt HM-4188B Permeability Cell
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    Gilson HMA-514 Permeability Cell
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    Forney LA-3664 Permeability Cell
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  • Permeability Control Panel

    HumboldtThe 1-cell, 3-burette control panel provides pressure controls and readouts for permeability and triaxial applications. It can control all the functions of a single cell, however with the addition of Auxillary Panels it can control the operations of up to five (5) cells. Controls include: a digital, readout pressure meter, a pressure supply gauge, a master pressure regulator, a vacuum supply gauge, a master vacuum regulator, de-aired water tank controls, tap and de-aired water supply outlets and pressure and vacuum outlets.
    Humboldt HM-4150 Control Panel
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  • Permeability Master Control Panel

    Master Control Panel combines precise control, logical layout, and quality components for accuracy and ease of operation for both triaxial shear and flexible-wall permeability testing. Control Panels for triaxial shear and flexible-wall permeability testing use a system of burettes, valves, and regulators to precisely regulating air and fluid pressures in Testing Cells.
    Gilson HM-350M Master Panel
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    Forney LA-3662 Master Panel
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  • Permeability Auxiliary Control Panel

    An Auxiliary Control Panel allows operators to add supplementary triaxial or permeability test cells for increased productivity. The Auxiliary Panel attaches to the Master Control Panel and uses its digital pressure readout to display the confining and cell pressures. The Auxiliary Panel includes the identical precision regulators, valves, and reservoir and burette assemblies as the Master Control Panel, but does not include a Digital Pressure Gauge.
    Gilson HM-350A Auxiliary Panel
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    Forney LA-3662-01 Auxiliary Panel
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